Visualising Consciousness

My Art is my passion and souls expression. It's a platform I offer in service to the light, to visualise that which words cannot capture, and that which to so many is unseen. My artwork is inspired to awaken, lift and speak to the depths of the soul of the audience. The context of my work is inspired by visions I receive which holds great complexity within their meaning. I capture important information in the structure of my work by forming many layers to a piece, in doing so obtaining messages of great complexity and multi-dimensional communication for humanity. I use sacred symbology within my artwork, which activates the exspansion of consciousness within the audience. The symbology I am guided to use speaks to us on a subconscious level awakening innate wisdom within the individual, Love and unity consciousness.


If my work calls you, I offer a variety of printsI also offer the service of commissioned work and Light Language channelings.


If you would like to work with me in commissioned work please contact me at: