About E

Hello I am E, Light for the Humanity.


I am a Healer and Light language Channel.


My Background:


I grew up in Kent a county in South East England and graduated with a BA honours in Graphic Design and Photography from Kingston University Art school in 2016. Both my parents are Graphic Designers so all of my life I have been deeply immersed in creative thinking, projects and design.


In 2013 I went through a Kundalini awakening where my whole life and understanding of the nature of reality became uprooted. From here I began to grow increasingly more sensitive to the non-physical dimensions. I began having many metaphysical experiences and receiving spiritual downloads, with information and guidance from divine high density beings. A process of which only continues to evolve and deepen. This whole experience has significantly influenced every aspect of my life and the work I do.


It has since become my mission to assist the planet in greater awakening to higher states of consciousness and our individual and collective influence on the reality that we create which surrounds us.


With a background in design unified with my spiritual gifts, I use my creative knowledge, experience and abilities for projects that assist the expansion of consciousness, the planet, humanity, self-empowerment and the collective awakening to Love consciousness.


If you would like to read more about my background, have a look at my story.


Much Love xx