As a result of this occurring whilst I was in art school I developed great empathy and awareness of the heavy creative conditioning many of us are exposed to growing up in education, where in creative subjects from a young age much hurt has been experienced. Many of us carry creative wounds, which we pick up from limiting beliefs such as "I am not creative," or "I am not good enough."

What I say to that is: "What child doesn't like to paint?" We are all creative. Only through our conditioning process we can grow much resistance to our natural creative state of being. I encourage creativity within each person who comes to me assisting them in connecting with their inner artists and reigniting their creative confidence. 

I have studied art throughout my education and went on to focus in Graphic Design and Photography at Kingston University Art School in London. Having gone through the creative education system from school to collage and then to university, I was exposed to much resistance through creative conditioning that these systems impose on their pupils. One might say I am being cynical here, but let me ask you this- how many 2 year olds don't like to pick up a paintbrush and paint? Pretty much any 2 year old will, as they naturally love to express their creative self without a second through. Yet when you compare this to someone who is 20, a far to common mind-set that is adopted is- "I am not creative," or "I can not draw." Such a dramatic shift in mind-set is purely a result of our creative conditioning where we pick up fears when is comes to creatively expressing ourselves. Having gone through the creative education system and spoken with a whole variety of individuals from those who are in the creative industry to those who are not, a common theme I have noticed is that fears when it comes to creating is formed in the classroom where artwork has been criticized, given a low grade and sometimes even physically torn apart- completely shattering the inner artists creative confidences to express themselves. 

This was me upon joining university. I had no confidence when I created, and my ability to create had spiralled down hill because of this. I lacked all enthusiasm for creating and I was so scared of getting it 'wrong.' In my first year at university I went through a Kundalini activation and started receiving guidance from other realms of consciousness, which undoubtedly began to influence every aspect of my life. In turn I was encouraged to break through the vast creative resistance that I had accumulated and begin to free my inner artists from the fear of creative expression that I held. I turned into a creative rebel, did a creative U-turn and began following what excited me rather than what the teachers wanted to see. Having begun having a string of metaphysical experiences this is what I felt called to communicate when studying Graphic Design at university, which is exactly what I did. I was met with much resistance from my peers and teachers, however there were some who supported me though- to whom I will always hold much gratitude in my heart for. It wasn't easy, but it was the best thing I ever did as my art was criticised more than ever- I had always done what the teachers wanted and done it well coming top of the class however, but the process made me stronger than ever. By the time I reached my third and final year in Art school, I didn’t care what people thought of my artwork I just wanted to create what felt good to create, and I enjoyed every second of it. My peers spent the year in fear of failing the course, where as I spend my time playing in the print room, which was one of the most significant creative opening tools that allowed my creativity to begin to flow freely again- having previously become contained to creating on a laptop. 


I was able to release the fear through my spiritual connection. What became apparent throughout my time at art school and although now seemingly obvious I had previously overlooked- is that creativity and spirituality are two branches of the same tree. They come hand in hand.