Full Moon Ceremony

The Healing Room

Healing With Light

Crystalline Activation


24th October 6pm

We invite you to join us for a very power Crystalline Grid Full Moon Activation.


In this Full moon Ceremony, we harness the natural high energies of the cosmic event that is the full moon, to amplify the acceleration of awakening. We connect with the crystalline grid opening up a big vortex of Light to bridge and ground the 5th dimensional consciousness into Barcelona. 


From here we share powerful DNA Light Body Activation codes, to assist you in the integration process of the new planetary frequency and of your 5th dimensional crystalline expression as a human being that is your light body. Where within this ceremony through the light portholes opened we also elevate the collective consciousness and surrounding lands in the process. 

The full moon is a very powerful time for manifesting so we take time to harness these energies and direct them towards manifesting the reality we wish to create. 

Early Bird 33€

On the door 40€