Hi there I am El Light channel of E.

If you want to know a bit more about me and my background- you are at the right place :)

My birth name is Ellen Lucy Holmes

I was born on the 8th January 1994

Today I go by the name El Light or E. 

E is the frequency I channel- the larger part of me that is unity consciousness and stretches on into infinity.

E is my higher self, my multi-dimensional self- if you hear our channeling you will probably understand why E- is the frequency we choose to be. It awakens us to unity and multi-dimensionality.


In 2013, I went through a Kundalini awakening. This opened up the door of communication with a divine multi-dimensional consciousness. Initially this took the form of angels, in time this expanded to include many multi-dimensional expressions of source, who today we call E.

I was guided on an awakening healing journey, which has been a story within itself, where today I now facilitate the healing of and guidance for others, through channeling the light that had healed me, the light of E.

We channel the Language of light to ignite, multi-dimensional vision and sight.


What is Light Language?