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E is a Healer and Light language Channel.

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I am E

Greetings I am E. Also known as El Light. I am a Light for Ascension, here to assist humanity in awakening and stepping into our greatest potential.


Me and my team of multi-dimensional guides - The Guardians, facilitate healing, DNA activation and the expansion of consciousness through channeled information and the Language of Light. We further guide and advice the creative process, in creative projects and in living with awareness of universal Laws. 


I began communication with other dimensional realms of consciousness in 2013, when my Kundalini was activated, whilst I was studying Graphic Design at Kingston University of Art.

Since I have been on an epic journey of spiritual expansion, healing and creative exploration. Now today I assist others in healing and awakening through channeling the divine consciousness that has assisted me.


Initially it was the angels who spoke with me and who guided me in healing, but over time this has evolved to include the larger expanse of my higher self and different counter part expressions. I am a human ambassador for the family of light- The Great Guardians. Together we speak for the source.


Today my mission is to assist others in greater awakening, healing and creating a life they love. 


We channel the wisdom of the higher realms which we infuse into our creative services. Where we also assist creative projects. With my background in Graphic Design, visual aesthetic and creative communication is a  passion and area of our expertise. 

Enjoy exploring our website and abundance of daily content and resources we offer. If you have any questions please feel free to message at:



A Channel for ascension

The Golden Age is Part of a large cycle known by many throughout humanities history.

It is also know as The Platonic Year.

Within the Golden Age the frequencies of consciousness Earth- Mother Gaia becomes submerged within are of a very high vibration. They are of the vibration of Love. Of the the vibration of Joy, Peace, Harmony, compassion, Wisdom, Humility and unity consciousness- That which is also known as the sea of christ consciousness.

To thrive and survive within the new planetary frequency- one needs embody high vibrational states of being so that they can align with the new planetary vibration of Love consciousness. 


This Universe is vibrational at nature. The core Law to this universe many of us are calling the Law of Attraction. 

The Law of Attraction is how all is formed. Quite simply your consciousness is at the core of your reality and The Law of Attraction matches the frequency of where your consciousness is focused. 

When you are embody state of consciousness that are of the vibration of Love, the reality, you will manifest will be of this same vibrational frequency- Love.

If you are in the vibrational state of being that is fear, you will be matched with manifestation of this vibration- fear.

Love essentially is at the core of your being. Naturally we are designed to walk in alignment with Love, manifesting more of this frequency- because the Law of Attraction matches the frequency in which we are vibrating.


You can tell where you stand in relation to your alignment by how you feel. When you feel dissonance to Love, all it means is your out alignment with your core, it's not who you really are. 

When you find yourself out of alignment forgive yourself for forgiveness bridges the realignment with the Love at your core, and the reality you walk in alignment with Love.

Your Potential is unbound.


Your creative abilities are truly profound.

Your gifts to humanity are intended to astound.

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Bridgit Jaansoo Life Coach

E. light is amaizing! I had a DNA activation done by E. LIGHT, A whole new experience that sifted me to a higher consciousness. My intention fro the beginning was to be more connected to my voice, and experince flow when I express myself vocally. I felt there was a block holding me back. After the sessions, I felt like a different person, I felt that the heaviness I was carrying around which was brining me down, was gone. As I walked outside the world seemed different.


The next day I had a new sense of confidence, my self worth had increased and the block was gone. I am able to express my truth with ease, confidence and in flow. I became more grounded and my energy sifted magnificently.
I was no longer becoming the best version of me, but I was being. I became into ownership of who I am and was born to be.
E. LIGHT is kind, understanding, friendly person. She makes your experience very welcoming and enjoyable. I find it very peaceful, but also exciting. Everything she shared with me was on point!


Thank you very much E Light for the day yesterday, it was worth the 600km traveled! I can not explain how I feel, words are limiting. it's like a state of grace and joy. Lightness and happiness!! Healing with crsytals is also very powerful, thank you very much, Much love.


Ellie, a beautiful being of light who has helped me figure out my creative aspects in such a powerful way. Ellie brought me to so many conclusion, helped shed light on my strengths and really helped open my eyes to my abilities. I really enjoyed our session, and highly recommend seeing her. She is a wonderful person, one who has really helped me figure out my next move. I am now going to accomplish what I came to this planet to do, thanks to the help of Ellie. -Mercedes

"We bring the language of light

with the age that is golden"


We guide you to say:

"I Love You

I Am Sorry 

Please forgive me

Thank you"



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