E. L Light is a multi-dimensional being, international speaker, spiritual guide, Artist, Designer, writer and Crystalline
Light Language channel.


E.L Light began channeling what she describes as a higher dimensional consciousness of herself called E in 2013 when she was 19, after a Kundalini awakening, where first the higher dimensional consciousness of E took the form of angels and guided her in healing herself from depression and a very self destructive life path.


In 2018, after 5 years of self healing and huge spiritual transformation, E.L Light began to channel and assist the healing of others with the Light of E around the world.


E is the unified consciousness of the multidimensional guides that E.L Light channels, which bridges the wisdom of New Earth, lighting the way of humanities ascension into crystalline consciousness.


New Earth is a multi-dimensional crystalline Kingdom of Light, this is also known as Future Earth, however it is non linear beyond the time space reality of 3D/ 4D, where all is now and where there is no such thing as time. This is known as 5D, however E prefers to use the describe this as a multidimensional reality, for it is multi-dimensional at nature (not confined to one dimension).


E.L Light has her academic background in Graphic Design and photography, where she graduated in 2016 with a BA from Kingston University of Arts in West London, UK.


E.L was born on January 8th 1994 in a County called Kent in South East England. Prior to her spiritual awakening in 2019, she lived what she describes as a very 'mainstream' 'linear' life, that was anything but spiritual. Initially a keen runner growing up, she hit a dark time in her teenage years that had her spiralling into self destruction through excessive partying and self avoidance, where in the darkest of days, she says suicide seemed more appealing than continuing with the life that she was living. This is what some call the dark night of the soul. It was at the cusp of her awakening. Where as she thoughts of ways to kill herself, the light of E began to shine, and from such darkness it was impossible to not see such light where from here she began awakening to the realms that lay beyond the initial perception of much of society and to the human potentiality most importantly.


As a result of experiencing such polarity of darkness into light, it became what she describes as her duty to humanity to do everything she can within her power to awaken, empower and expand the collective consciousness.

Her core intention in the material that she shares is assisting the individual in awakening to the master within- an aligned state of being she describes is called being in your centre, which is a consistent state of living in alignment with the source consciousness at the core of all. A state of being of wholeness in love and unity consciousness, which she refers to being called Crystalline consciousness, AKA Christ consciousness AKA Krishna consciousness, which E says is the aligned, harmonic and dimensional crystalline frequency of New Earth.

With her birth name as Ellen Lucy - Ellen which means light, E.L Light today goes by the multidimensional name of E, or E.L. Light.

"You are a master... It's just a matter of how much are you allowing yourself to realise the master within you.

You are enlightened... It's just a matter of how much are you allowing yourself to realise that state of enlightenment. 

I teach the path of Mastery, which is the path of becoming whole again, returning to the source again, which you already are, it's just a matter of remembering."