Light Language

"The symbols you see are called light language. Light language is re-emerging within the consciousness of the collective, acting as an inter-dimensional bridge of communication, connecting humanity with multi-dimensional guidance. "

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Light language is an inter-dimensional form of communication, with infinite multi-dimensional expressions. It’s re-emergence within the collective consciousness is reflective of earths astrological significance within the universe and 25,800 year cycle known as ‘The Great Year’ or ‘Platonic Year,’ which has a profound effect on the consciousness of humanity.


Light language acts as a significant bridge for humanity in assisting the integration of inter-dimensional communication and guidance from other realms of consciousness. Non-denominational at nature light language has infinite expression. Depending on the focused frequency of both the human channel and the consciousness passing through the channel, there will be both similarities and differences between the different expressions that are seen to be emerging around the planet.


A rapidly growing number of people around the world, are reporting to be channelling light language, often a result of the process of expanding their own consciousness. Many have reported beginning to channel whilst in or following meditation, where as others have gone through sudden energetic downloads and activations within their being to begin channelling this language of light.





In Humanities Ancient History there are many correlations that can be found between Ancient languages and the more recent expressions of light language in both a visual and auditory sense. Lost Ancient cultures such as Lemuria, Atlantis, and Eygpt are among cultures to have all been specified by channels to have spoken light language as a common language within their time.


Light language is non linear at nature so it can act as an acute bridge between dimensions and other Ancient civilizations such as Lemuria that still resides on Gaia (Earth) in a higher density. In higher dimensional planes of existence (5th dimensions and above) time isn’t experienced in the same way as it is in the 3rd and 4th density. All appears as ‘now’ in the present moment and the reality that is experienced is reflective of where you are vibrationally focused. This makes what is known to humanity as time travel- possible. The reality of time travel should come as no surprise though to the human being with an interest in Physics, as Quantum Physicists have already spoken of such science to be tangibly possible in terms of Quantum entanglement for some time.





Due to it’s multi-dimensional nature light language can stretch across multiple dimensions transmitting a wide range of frequencies when relayed through human channelling. It can be greatly healing through sound communication, where as visual interaction can be incredibly activating and stimulating for the third eye.


All language and all art descends from light language however when someone refers to the language of light, auditorily it is much more tonally smooth than many of the spoken languages by humanity. Light language is also often of a much higher frequency than many human languages. This is due to the multi-dimensional consciousness that being bridged through a transmission, coming from a source of a higher vibrational density.


It has been described to sound Chinese/ Japanese and even as Ancient Tibetan, which interestingly are among the languages spoken by humanity that tonally are of the highest frequency.


The visual expressions of light language tend to be amassed through symbolism and numbers and will often display a high amount of consciousness present. At times it has been described to be plasma like, acting as a gateway to higher dimensional states consciousness.


(Above) A selection of different Light language Channelings by Elysei

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