Healing with Light



We take you on an adventure into the deep unknown, the hidden yet not forgotten in life, for it has long been shown. Enter the cosmic gateway with me, I offer you my hand, Light body activation, spiritual awakening that is grand, 


Peace om earth they are chanting, the great masters that are here, if you listen closely we can help you greater hear.


The Lemurians are waiting, waiting to play with you, 

I invite you on an adventure,

An adventure to renew.


Accelerated learning,

Is the path that we do walk, 

This is greater aided by the language of light that we talk,


Remembering your soul, and the reason to gaia that you came,

Come walk with me, 

Come talk with me,

Life will never be same



An invitation from 5D Montserrat


Hello beautiful souls, I invite you on behalf of the Lemurians and Ascended Masters on an adventure of a life time, into the depths of your soul, upon the sacred temple of Greatest Masters to have walks on Gaias lands- The Majestic Mountain of Montserrat.


This assignment and adventure is to greater awaken and assist the elevation of the vibration of all those who hear this calling into 5th dimensional consciousness. 


I will guide you on a journey into greater awakening to love consciousness, and your unbound potential. 


We offer the activation process of your 5th dimensional light body, Raising your vibration, assisting your healing and the expansion of your multi-dimensional seeing. 


I will share with you the forgotten wisdom that this mountain and surrounding lands do behold, assist you in connecting with the 5th dimensional planes, and the surrounding regions of both new Earth and old.


The 5th dimensional city of light within in Barcelona connects to the sacred Temple of Montserrat, a key nodal point for planetary ascension. 


Many multi-dimensional beings do reside here. We work closely with The Ascended Masters, and the Lemurians, who are the ones that asked me to create this service, to bridge this wisdom and 5th dimensional city of Light within these lands to you.


I shall be facilitating you in focusing into 5th dimensional consciousness, upgrading your DNA with practical exercises and tools with the assistance of the Language of Light, sharing Golden Age wisdom, and guidance from Spirit reflective of you, your life experience and your mission here on Earth.


If you wish to greater awaken, expand your consciousness and experience the mystical 5th dimensional side of Montserrat, this is an adventure waiting for you.


We will be offering this service until the end of October. 


There is the option to stay in the mountain which I can advice you on upon booking.


Forever in your service we are,




Light for you to see


Topics included 


• Lemuria


• Golden Age


• Light Language


• 5D City of Light


• The Law of Attraction


• Light body DNA Activation 


• Sacred Ceremonies


• Connecting with the master temple




125 € (1.5 hour session)

211 € (1 day)

333 € (2 days)

450 € ( 3 days)

* Group discounts and bookings available

* Lunch and accommodation not included but can advice

For enquires and booking contact E-



Day schedule 


9am - 12 pm ( 3 hours)


2pm- 7pm ( 5 hours) 


Ceremonies (Optional add ons)


• Cacao- 25€


• Healing with Light ceremony- 25€

To Book and for all enquires please contact E-