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11:11 An astrological gateway for awakening.


On the 11th of November at 11am we embark on a journey into the mystical, enchanted and forgotten realms of the majestic Montserrat.


In this day of adventure we open up and ignite in unified connection and co-creation, big gateways of light on this powerful astrological day of awakening. This will be the most powerful activation I have facilitated so far. We will activate key nodal points within the mountain and ground our roots as we return to the great Master temple as she rises is sacred song and ceremony with the Age that is Golden. 


11 : 11 is a cosmic gateway for greater clarity and alignment with awakening galactic codes of light entering Earths atmosphere. In this day of adventure, remembering and self-discovery we begin a new chapter upon Montserrat in grounding in Golden Age energies, igniting the light body and bridging the consciousness awakened with the crystalline grid.


We guide you on a journey to activate your Light Body DNA, raise your vibration and move with the coming ascension with this greatest ease and enjoyment. 


We speak for the source through The Language of Light, where we work with the assistance of The Guardians who walk with us each step along the way, The ascended Masters who assist us as we activate our light bodies, The druids to facilitate deeper awakening and remembering within, The Lemurians to assist us in the grounding the connection of the crystalline grid bridging in the frequencies of 5th dimensional city of light upon these lands, and we work with The Angelic Realms to surround and protect us in pure radiant love and light, as we embark on the journey of awakening and igniting the Majestic Mountain. 


This day will be filled with: 


  • Sacred movement

  • DNA Light body activation

  • Light Language

  • Golden Age wisdom

  • Crystalline Grid nodal vortex Activations

  • Meditation

  • Multidimensional communication


On this day adventure we meet at 11 am. We will then explore and activate different locations within Montserrat I have be guided to by the mountains wisdom keepers. We will open big light portholes briding with crystalline grid, where I shall facilitate DNA Light body activations upon. We will take time for lunch in between, where we advise you bring a high vibration pack lunch. We will be walking so please bring comfortable footwear and warm clothing. 


If you feel called to make an offering to the mountain in the form of flowers, herbs, essential oils, crystals or something you feel called to share with Montserrat, we will take time in a ceremony to make an offering. This can greater enhance the depth of your multidimensional experience whilst here and following this sacred day of accelerated awakening.



The program is:


11am - 2 pm




3 pm - 6 pm



Energy exchange:




Half day ticket: 40€


Early Bird Ticket: 80€


(please note there are early bird prices if you book before)




On the day:


Half day ticket: 50€


Early Bird Ticket: 100€



Questions : or whatsapp


(*Lunch and transport not included in prices, please bring a pack lunch)







Meeting point: