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My Story 

Nationality: British


Birthday: 8th of January 1994


Age: 23


Written in 2016


In 2013 when I was 19, I experienced my first very physical awakening, where my Kundalini was activated and with it my whole entire life shifted. Everything I had once just accepted as reality became uprooted. Since then I have been on a very rapid and exciting journey of transformation, exploring multidimensional consciousness, The Law of Attraction, Universal Laws, taboo science, extra-terrestrial life and all things metaphysical.


In October of 2016 when I was 22, I began going through what I consider to be my second big awakening where I participated in an Ayahuasca Ceremony. This assisted me in remembering my over soul, the consciousness I have embodied in past lives, why I incarnated on the planet and the importance of the conditions of my incarnation.


I spent the first 19 years of my life as an unconscious sensitive living in Kent, South East England where I was exposed to a very mainstream British lifestyle.


I was raised a Christian, however I always felt there was more to life and that the Church was hugely distorted. 


As I grew older in my teens I left all spiritual questioning behind and became much more consumed in my teenage life.


Growing up I ate meat every day, sometimes three times a day and consumed junk food daily. The idea of going vegetarian was humorous to me, let alone going vegan. I had all the average injections from the pharmaceutical industry and I went to a comprehensive Christian school. 


The first half of my teenage years I was a very passionate athlete. I ran the 800m and running was my life, it was my escape from school and was a fundamental part of my conditioning. As I grew older though I found running to emotionally crippling and became injured. After this I spent the second half of my teenage years partying.. hard.


I reached 19 an emotional wreck. I didn't know who I was anymore having spent my life avoiding myself. I was depressed, deeply insecure and suffered from anxiety. Then when I started University in 2013, my depression got worse. From this place I began to feel drawn towards exploring angels and meditating. It was around this time where I began going through a very physical awakening and my Kundalini was activated.


Since then I have seen my life go through radical changes. I have healed myself form depression and Anxiety and I am empowered as a result. What has gone down these past few years has blown my mind. It seems like a lifetime ago I was depressed and I feel like a completely different person. Past feeling really good the way I see the world has completely changed- my perception of which is forever expanding. 


I have had many metaphysical experiences and have a close connection and forever evolving relationship with my guides and angels. 


In my second awakening I have begun to reconnect with the most significant spiritual connection I have ever felt- to Love consciousness and the creator within. This is a connection I had initially resisted due to the Christian conditioning I went through, but is a connection that I am learning to be at the core of all that I seek.



Self Empowerment


One of the key principles that I stand for is self-empowerment. Pointing the individual back towards themselves is the greatest gift I believe a teacher can ever provide an individual with.


Essentially only you know your truth. What might resonate with you, might not resonate with the next person. What I facilitate in assisting is the awareness that there is no 'right' or 'wrong.' When seeking your truth there is only what feels 'good' and what feels 'bad,' to you on an individual level or on a larger scale as a collective.


We live in a multi-dimensional universe, where infinite possibilities are always playing out, it's down to you to steer your beautiful vessel of a human body through this ever-evolving universe. Your feelings are there to guide you. Your feelings are your built-in guidance system, fundamentally guiding you into alignment with love. I encourage you to feel your way through life. The better you feel the more aligned you are. 


I use awareness of universal Laws, such as the nature of feeling, alignment and the Law of Attraction, when working with my clients, as this assist in creating a solid foundation for a vision to manifest in this new paradigm.


We are here to create, not to follow. There is not 'one' way. 


Follow your excitement, follow your bliss, follow your joy, follow your happiness for these the feelings guiding you into alignment with all that you seek.





At the forefront of my focus is my creativity. I have my creative practice which is forever evolving and is one of my key focuses.


I studied Graphic Design and photography at Kingston University in West London.  My parents and many of my extended family are in the creative industry. This along with my education in art school has greatly assisted me in understanding the creative conditioning dominant in England at present. My creative background has been a huge influence in my life and has allowed me to develop a high level of creative empathy and insight to assist the communication of my vision and the work I do whilst assisting others in communicating theirs in the process.


In my extended family those who are not artists tend to be scientists or of an academic background. I have found this highly influential in my life also and I have a great interest in the relationship between the scientific, the creative and the metaphysical.


My families archetypes are significant in assisting me in staying grounded in the traditional British mainstream mindset. This aspect of my conditioning is highly significant as it assists me in being able to relate to the mainstream. As a result I totally get and can empathise with how much of that which I communicate pushes the boundaries of the tangible and of what many of us have been raised to believe to be possible.


My conditioning has given me the understanding that many won't believe something until they experience it themselves- I was exactly the same. This is where using the visual bridges that creativity facilitates can greatly assist the individual in having their own primary experiences with the metaphysical.


Something I am particularly focused on in my creative practice is visualising the metaphysical, assisting the emergence of visual bridges, more of this can be seen in the art work I create and channel.


Creativity essentially is a multi-dimensional gateway that has much to teach us. It can act as visual bridge between the tangible and the intangible, to assist the expansion of our consciousness and in turn our evolution.


If you would like to connect, you can get in touch using the email below:

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Much love