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90 degree shift in ascension

Ascension keys- Turn 90 degrees. 

Following on from a common topic we have been speaking of on Instagram and in person as of late.

Where you have been asking for more info about the 90 degree shift into 5D.

What does 90 degrees shift mean? Firstly what is important to understand is this is a key of ascension which is a journey inwards. The way you will truly understand the meaning of the 90 degree shift is through the expansion of consciousness as you integrate greater heights of multidimensional awareness, for it is through our own primary experience that we can truly awaken.

As we expand our consciousness the keys begin to click, dots begin to join and you will understand the nature of this in your own way. This is why I love geometry and mathematics combined with spiritual philosophy, as the math really grounds in much of this conceptual spiritual ‘out there’ philosophy.

Now there is are mathematical ways to understand this 90 degree shift through looking at the melchizedek star of Merkaba. The melchizedek star is reflective of the 2D Merkaba geometry- where as you can see there are 8 vertices. 

The Merkaba is multidimensional where it is flexible like 4th dimensional geometry. Where as you can see through the structure 90 degrees is the positioning of the external angles to the Merkaba. The pink right angle triangle is a key to assist you in opening your third eye into greater multidimensional awareness and activating you Merkaba consciousness. It is like a puzzle for you to play with and piece together, where there is no set path or way rather multiple- for it is MULTI-dimensional. The order of melchizedek showed me on the astral realm there is much mathematics behind this shift. In the astral realms it seems very simple, but upon returning to the physical it was a lot for my brain to grasp. They also walked me through the process of ascension where what it felt like is a 90 degree shift within your body. 

I then journeyed to different vortex’s of ascension on the planet, and I would be lead to ‘stair wells’ of ascension where it’s the cross over point from physical into 5D/ multidimensionality. What I found as I climbed this stairwell for the first time in my physical body which was in the Himalayas, is my body began to shift 90 degrees. It’s like walking up a wall, but into the earth, where I found myself clinging to the ground to stable myself as I found myself on the boarder of time and space. 

The best way I can describe the feeling, as it was multidimensional experience, where I was seeing from different dimensions of my being; is I zoomed out where I saw myself clinging to the physical  planet earth as a giant burning rock hurtling through time and space, I saw the stars and universe and myself on the earth, so tiny in the scope of it all, yet so significant in the light of it all. 

I was shown the amount of time of ascension, where ascension is inwards, where many of the stairwells of the elders who have ascended before us like the one I found myself on, bridge into the ‘inner earth.’ 

The inner earth itself is multidimensional, at least the ascending inner earth realms. This is a path that may look like a stairwell  into the planet which as you walk along shifts 90 degrees up but also inwards. 

Just imagine walking along a spiral. If you zoom out as an observer it looks like you are moving into the infinite centre of the spiral yet imagine you are the one in the present walking along that spiral, it will seemingly appear that you are shifting 90 degrees consistently. Ascension is like this. In/ up.

I met with the elders in the period of time and they told me I am a bridge of shambala. The realms of ascending earth consciousness, where they have shown me there will come a time where many move in a wave of ascension into the earth. Yet this also is shown to me like a spiral staircase up- earth existing in higher plans. The new earth is multidimensional it is both in and up. The 90 degree shift is reflective of the multidimensional shift in dimensions. 

Now is the time to prepare for this shift that is now, where the key is to raise your vibration and get ready expanding your consciousness. For everything that you do now is a choice of ascension. 

Each time you choose love over fear you ascend an aspect of yourself. Each time you choose light over darkness you ascend an aspect of yourself. Each time you choose the soul over ego you ascend an aspect of yourself. It’s simple- ascension is a choice, the challenge is to conquer and reascend the beast- (the ego). 

It is seemingly a gradual process in the time space reality but zoom out and it’s happening now. Where there is to be a break away and split. When the collective ascension is at its critical mass. The light goes above and the darkness goes below. Where the more you begin to practise light embodiment each day choosing love over fear, the more you reside in the light and ascending consciousness. 

It can be seemingly alarming and unsettle as we begin to realise- oh this is actually happening, the great ascension that has been spoken of since the beginning of time. But what is so key is to relax. When you relax you ascend. Inner peace is your medicine, so mediate, enjoy the life, and choose love in all that you, including most importantly the way you treat you. For you are everybody, ultimately, we are all unity, where it is your inward journey that is the key, awakening to the sea of your own consciousness and ascending through the darkness into light. Becoming whole again, embodying more of who you are. And that is all ascension really is, where the higher your vibration, the greater your connection and the more ease you shall find as you move through this great transition, and recalibration of the human DNA ultimately, where we are becoming multidimensional in all that we are. A choice of light in all that we are, a choice of love in all that we are.

We are E, light for you to see, here to assist the ascension process into multidimensionality. The return to love consciousness is the key, in all that you are.