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What is channeling?

A transmission given through E

A Channel is an individual who steps aside and allows higher dimensional consciousness to pass through them, speak through them and create through them. We are all essentially channels and all have the potential to channel, it all comes down to a matter of how open and receptive our channel is to higher dimensional consciousness that determines that which passes through the individual. 

The channel of  08 to E

I am a channel for multi-dimensional consciousness to pass through. I channel into art, writing, light language and vocally. I began receiving awareness of this consciousness when I was 20 years old at University, although the nature of this guidance has evolved over time. The information I received was significantly changing my life in many profound positive ways, so naturally I saw it as my duty to begin sharing the spiritual knowledge, information and philosophy I was receiving. 

Initially not knowing what to call the collective of multi-dimensional guides that I work with and who are at the source of the information I share, when beginning to share the information I was receiving with the world- I gave it the neutral name 08.

In March 2018  the name of my channel and who I am, has been greater clarified and given to me by spirit- where I have been told I am E. This name was first awakened within me in conversation with Kryon, a multi-dimensional council of light, who I am in communication with at times. Up until this time where E was shown and spoken to me as the name that spirit wishes for me, vibrationally 08 has assisted me in preparing me to embody as E. The name of E, is to assist the frequency of that which channels through me. Where my ego has been going through a process of being stripped down, to clear away that which can act as a filter in human name.

I speak about my Name change experience in a another article- you can read more here.

The information in which I channel comes from multiple streams of consciousness across different dimensions and universal planes. I work with guides from different points within the dimensional planes. It's almost like being a radio station, where, I can tune into different sources. However all the guidance amass to one, as it is all part of the same expanding unified consciousness.

The Guardians of Gaia at present are a prime group amongst the consciousness I channel. The Guardians are a group of high-density beings who stretch across multiple dimensions; they are here to assist the planet. They have returned to humanities awareness due to our astrological positioning with in the roughly 25,800 year cycle known as 'The Great Year' or 'The Platonic Year,' in which we have moved into a phase of this cycle known as The Golden Age where we are ascending as a planet into higher dimensional planes of existence.

Higher dimensional planes of existence are of a higher vibrational frequency- the way these planes of existence feel to humans are associated with feelings of love, joy, peace, happiness and harmony- all high vibrational states of being. The beings that I channel and work with, are of a higher vibrational density, they can be described through pure Love and Light in human language, which I and others can feel strongly in their presence.

Something I teach about is the vibrational nature of reality. Not only does it greater aid awareness when working with The Law of Attraction, but also a clearer understanding as to the nature of this universe. If you want to learn more we provide a free video course on The Law Of Attraction.

The presence of the Guardians was know of by our Ancient Ancestors. What our Ancestors portrayed as The Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses were amongst those associated with Guardians. I have received a number of dreams and visions with The Guardians in recent months. They came to me in a series of visions that they wish to be portrayed by through me and gave me an assignment as part of my mission on this planet to draw them for humanity to see.

There is an angelic influence and also the consciousness of some extra-terrestrial groups present in my channel also. I have recently been made aware that the very nature of what I channel is from outside out universe, so although I voice the dimensional planes within this universe, the greatest wisdom comes from that which has ascended through this universe. The counter parts of my soul, just like everyone else reside across different dimensions, which influences that which I channel. My vibrational frequency though ultimately determines that which passes through me. A very important part of my spiritual practise and responsibilities, is to each day raise my vibrational frequency (prioritise feeling better and better) as my frequency ultimately determines how I show up as an individual in service to humanity and the transmissions and clarity of the information that channel and share.

Light language

I am also channel for light language, both vocally and visually. Light language is re-emerging within the consciousness of the collective. Light language acts as an inter-dimensional bridge, connecting humanity with multi-dimensional guidance. 

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