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Destiny vs The Law of Attraction

Updated: Jul 21, 2018

As a teacher of The Law of Attraction, I am all for creating your own reality. I love it. I think the Law of Attraction is ace. It is how this universe is formed. Focused thought forms the physical world, it’s a matter of Quantum Physics.

Essentially awakening to the 24/ 7 influence of The Law of Attraction places the keys of deliberate creation in you hands, and says lets run with this. You create your own reality, lets play.

This is great. It can be a bit overwhelming initially - learning every thought you think influences the creation of your reality, but past all of that, it’s the ultimate empowerment.

However as I have gone along my journey what I have come to acknowledge in the last few years of my life, is yes we create our own reality, but there is also something which some may call destiny... The Larger plan at work.

I have been working with the Law of Attraction for 5 years now. Two years ago, I was just about getting the hang of it, and BAM I manifest a situation that I had not anticipated. A situation that I call destiny. A situation I agreed to, way back before I incarnated here on the planet.

It all began in an Ayahasuca Ceremony I participated in, back in October 2016 which synchronicity lead me to, where amongst the guidance I received I was directed to Barcelona. Two weeks into my journey in Barcelona, I met a man who I had also not anticipated. We fell in Love and began to write the craziest love story.

Every step along the way I have been conscious that I’ve been creating my reality, but at times it also has felt as though I have been funneled along this journey. I‘ve had choice in direction but at the same time, it feels as though I haven’t.

I guess when you partner with somebody there is their direction of focus suddenly in the mix of your co-creation. This I have found has been beneficial at times but also other times comprising. My greatest work has been finding balance in the midst of a co-creation that feels like stepping on a train that has sent me hurtling through this time space reality.

In the union of my partnership we were together for about two months before the depths of our soul contract was presented to me. When we met, I was independent and very focused on my mission, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted a relationship to come between me and my relationship with myself. The relationships in my past had ended in heart break and I had become very emotionally strong and guarded from healing as a result. I was very content in my single life, so much so that upon meeting my parter I looked to continue along my journey alone, however from the moment of our union no alternative path opened. I began receiving contact in my dreams from the pleadians who told me to stay, we had much to learn from each other and it was safe to Love.

We met through couch surfing- something I never would have anticipated to happen to me, Initially I signed up to stay we him for three nights. I was very cautious about staying at men’s houses, but from the moment we met, I felt a deep familiarity with him, at ease in his presence. He was spiritual, peaceful and very respectful. I needed a friend and he was this to me. I made it clear from the beginning I only want friendship, but the more time we spent with each other, the closer we became. I ended up staying a few days longer with him, and before I knew it, we began to fall in love.

It was like a connection I had never felt before in this life time. One the bridged back life times- cosmic love.

One month into the union he asked me to be his girlfriend, two month into our relationship he asked if I wanted to create a congress for Ufology with him. He is an events producer, prior to the congress for concerts and festivals. We spent much of our time together talking about spirituality and our star families. So the idea of a creating a congress for ufology sounded very exciting indeed. I began exploding with ideas from the word go- I am a creative, with my university studies in Graphic Design so creative ideas and inspiration is a big part of my life mission, and what I live and love to do. The Congress was like the ultimate project to play with.

We called it The Ufology World Congress.

Little did I know quite what I had signed up to. Little did I know how much this would change my life. It has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life, yet the most challenging.

I am still processing it all, at times wanting to run away from it all, at other times wanting to dance in joy for disclosure. Ufology in itself is such a topic of huge duality, where in time what became apparent to me was that my greatest role was to bring healing to this space of awakening.

The people I have met, the stories I have been told over the past few years, this things I have seen, I am still processing it all, and further awakening. My story in ufology is something I tell shall in time. The Congress, I am not focusing there at this time, it has caused me much physical and emotional pain, where factors of great pressure, and weight were placed upon me, which began to hinder my mission. My mission is to hold the space of healing for humanity, and this project, although a blessing and amazing learning ground, came with a very heavy burden. A challenge that ultimately the only way I have been able to stand strong and move through is through my spiritual connection. How to hold such a spiritual connection, is what I am here to share.

I feel like I'm in a place I've never been before. The only way is forward. Sometimes I find myself reflecting on life on where I have been, what I have seen and what has occurred. Life outside the Matrix for so long and then working to blow the roof off the Matrix, it's like theres no return, no going back to sleep. All that is before me is decisions. Decisions on how to serve, how to assist. How to word it all, how to express it all, to the people I am here to assist. My family serve a grinding reminded where so much of the collective is at. Having been so exposed to the spiritual realms was one thing, but then Ufology just blows the roof of in the physical realm, bridging into consciousness.

My greatest mission is to bridge this higher dimensional consciousness with the mainstream. I shall do my best. It's time to tell my story.