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Does Love Make you Uncomfortable?

Does Love make you feel uncomfortable?

Something You may or may not know about me is, I am British. I am a born and bread Englander. I grew up in South East England, in a town called Tunbridge Wells in the county of Kent. This is about an hour a way from London by car/ train. 

Now I grew up in an environment where love, felt uncomfortable. People expressing their feelings, was seen as weak. It was something that people would laugh at and make fun of, only to be brushed off as ‘banter.'

I want to say the area I grew up in influenced this, and although I do feel in the South East of England people are much emotionally harder than up North or to the West, the topic of Love being uncomfortable or 'cringey' is something I feel and see is woven through out the whole of the British culture. Something that in recent months I see to be surfacing as the collective greater awakens. 

If you laugh at love or make fun of love. It means love makes you uncomfortable. This means you are our of alignment with the love consciousness at your core and therefor your greatest human creative and life potential.

In this blog post I would like to break down and address, the uncomfortable feelings that I see arise for so many British people when presented with Love and feelings.

I share all of this from my own experience having lived in England and growing up repressing my feelings from as young as I can remember. I was born into a workers family. With farmers throughout my ancestral linage tracing back generations. I was brought up to takes life hands on. To be tough and when feeling pain- 'suck it in.' My family have alway worked really hard, whether enjoying it or not, whether happy or sad- they just got on with life. This is the mentality I grew up with.

For me in particular as an unconscious Empath the repression of emotional discord was immense. (An empath is someone who feels very intensely and is very sensitive, An unconscious empath is someone with these abilities yet not aware of these abilities- which was me for the first 19 years of my life).

Not understanding I felt particularly deeply, but encouraged by my culture to sweep these feelings under a mat created great separation within my being.

It’s the separation I wish to speak about predominately within this blog post. 

When we feel uncomfortable by another talking about Love, talking about our feelings, what this is reflective of, is our lack of connection to the love consciousness that is at our core, and our own feelings that essentially are guiding us into alignment with the love consciousness at our core. 

When one is aligned with Love, they will not laugh at another for talking about love, they will not feel uncomfortable, rather they will hold the space for others to be open with their feeling. For Love is the greatest healer. 

When Love makes us feel uncomfortable, it is reflective of our own insecurities. Insecurities when you break them down, are easy to untangle. Essentially insecurity means feeling unsafe. The insecurities and unsafe feelings are reflective of being out of alignment with the source and the love consciousness that is at our core. 

(The Source) Love consciousness is essentially at the core of the very essence of our being, when we are aligned with our core essence (Love consciousness) our greatest creative potential is.

When aligned with Love we are unconditionally safe, we are unconditionally supported, protected and we are unconditionally strong. When we feel insecurities, or uncomfortable…. what our feelings are telling us, is we are out of alignment with the Love consciousness at our core, with the source of our core and with our greatest creative potential.

So how to heal insecurities? How to heal feelings of discomfort with the topic of Love? 

You spend time there. 

Take time alone to allow yourself to feel uncomfortable, to integrate this feelings and really feel this feelings, allow it to ripple throughout your being. You may even need to cry. It’s likely a big release will take place, because these uncomfortable feelings are essentially a product of your conditioning that somewhere along you incarnation the space wasn’t held for you to feel comfortable in Love. 

Maybe you were laughed at, maybe you were repetitively made fun of. Whatever it is at some point along your journey you were pinched off from love and made to feel insecure as a result. But once you have allowed yourself to feel this discomfort, and recognise it's just a matter of being out of alignment with your core, open your heart to the love within you and let love engulf your being. 

Speak to Love, Love has never left you, Love has been with you always every step along your journey. For you are Love, love is what is at your core. Love is the source of all. Love is how you were created, love where you came from. Love is the larger part of you, the part of you that was before you came, and the infinite part you that you will return to, when you leave this planetary plane. 

But what is now before you in an opportunity to remember, how it feels to be aligned with love in your human expression.

What is now before the human race is the opportunity to physically embody the consistent vibration of Love, to then walk forward through life holding the space for others to heal and to awaken to the love within them also.

This is something you did innately as children, upon being born into your physical bodies. Love it your natural state of being. Children are living examples of the human embodiment of Love. Alignment with Love is what has always been intended for humanity.

Yet along the human process, many become unconditioned out of Love. Where humanity experienced great dissonance to Love. However these times are changing, where what is now at hand is humanity is now returning to Love consciousness. This is a product of The Great Year Cycle. A large astrological year of roughly 25,800 years long. Where the consciousness within this area and atmosphere within this part of the universe that Earth has just entered is of a much higher vibrational frequency. The frequency of Love. The frequency of joy, The Frequency of harmony, bliss and peace.

As Earth continues to move along this great year cycle becoming more and more immersed within Love. Those not embodying the vibration of Love will feel greater discomfort within their being, they will feel greater dissonance. Alignment with Love within this new planetary frequency is a matter of survival.

The better you feel the more aligned with Love you become. The worse you feel the more you are moving out of alignment with love. Your feelings are always guiding you, back into alignment with the love consciousness at your core. Into alignment with your greatest creative potential. For when you are aligned with Love, the universe mirrors back to you manifestations of Love. For this universe is based on the Law of Attraction, which consistently matches the vibration you are embodying with manifestations of that same vibration.

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