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When we judge another, what you are subconsciously judging is an aspect of yourself. 

All is one unified consciousness, so the other is an extension of the self. Yet to see something in another that triggers you is a product of you own self judgement. 

This universe is like a mirror.

This self judgement which is projected in judgement on to others, is reflecting back to you either; something the other has which you feel you lack, or something that you subconsciously dislike about yourself.

Look for yourself in others unconditionally whether presented with Light or Darkness and use it as a platform to grow. Others are like mirror reflecting back to you the frequencies you are vibrationally embodying.

When finding yourself saying things such as:

That is… (judgement)

They are… (judgement)

They have… (judgement)

Turn it into I AM. And watch your judgement of others turn into powerful awakenings for greater awareness and transformations within the self. 

I AM… (judgement)

I AM… (judgement)

I have… (judgement)

And then forgive yourself, allow yourself to integrate your self judgement, and rememberer you are infinite unconditional love at your core. This will clear the way for healing and realignment with Love consciousness (Who you are at your core).