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Life after Death and the Lemurian Wizard

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

I wish to address life after death and bring light to this topic of great pain, confusion, fear and sadness for so many. I speak on behalf of the many I channel- Death is really beautiful, a celebration of the soul and quite the adventure (when we transition naturally).

All my life, I never feared death. 

You must understand I am awakening always. It’s not like I have life figured out to a T. Every day I am learning and growing. I make decisions at times that in reflection I would do differently and I evolve, I am like everybody else, but there are certain innate outlooks on life, that I've always had that not everybody does. Such life after death and as reincarnation. Reincarnation was always something that made the most sense to me- It didn't make sense to only come here for one life. It was a private deep inner feeling however that I kept to myself. I once told my mother when I was very young I believed this and she told me I couldn't as I was a Christian and that was a Buddhist belief. Not only was this the first time I questioned Christianity but also it was the last time I shared my deep spiritual beliefs with anyone for about 15 years.

In this life as to where I am now I understand universal Laws and the spiritual realms in a conceivable, philosophical and scientific manner, a product of my awakening. My soul is a master, where I have lived many life times, but so much of my souls wisdom I am only just awakening to and remembering now. My human is young and I am growing much. I have reincarnated into this lifetime into a situation that challenges me immensely and that has been challenging all my life. 

Yet many reasons are for this- primarily so I can relate to the mainstream consciousness and serve as a reflection, to those who witness my content. Also so I can accelerate my growth as a soul- when we are challenge we learn much. 

In the past the Masters of this universe who walked on Earth- lets say a Lemurian wizard for example in 23,000BC, who can do all sorts of things that many people would call magic. Such as set things on fire with his hands, move 10 ton boulders without even touching them, heal people with his hands, walk on water. If this Lemurian Wizard reincarnated for the 21st Century, in a situation where his two parents were hippies living off grid, or if he was born to a tibetan monk, who taught him and brought him up from day 1 the basic principles of universal Mastery, he wouldn’t be able to then stroll into London town in the 21st Century and show the people he was just the same as everybody else. People would think he was some sort of God- glowing with light and doing magic that left them baffled. In the past these Masters who have walked the planet, they have been placed on pedestals by average citizens as something to bow down to and then we all know what happens- religions from and mass confusion happens. 

Yet these masters who can perform what some may call magic are just like everybody else. And that magic is purely the mastery of this universe and understanding in great depth the universal Laws and surrounding influences. They don’t have a religion. Many of their teachings just get completely distorted and misconstrued. I’m not going to go into Jeshua today, we will play with the Lemurian Wizard- but Jeshua is another example of spiritual mastery being misunderstood.

So say this Lemurian Wizard decides okay I’m going to go under cover. I am going to incarnate into a lifetime in the 21st Century where for the first part of my life I will remain completely undetected. The people will not know I am a wizard. I’m going to incarnate into a situation that is so challenging, so far removed from spiritual mastery that even I the wizard forget on the surface that I am a master of this universe- so I can relate to the people in great depth. I the wizard spend the first part of my life living like the people, so when the time comes where I begin to awaken, and remember oh I am a Lemurian wizard, my disguise will be so imbedded with in my being the people will look at me and see themselves, and I will be reflecting their magic back at them. No pedestal, rather a vivid relatable reflection.

This would be a very clever plan, larger than any wizard alone could conceive.

As the Lemurian wizard begins to awaken and remembers their soul and inner expression, he realise that they never really forgot, and all that forgetting was surface level. On a deep subconscious level they always knew they were a Lemurian Wizard. There were certain things even the heavy conditioning they went through couldn’t mask- such as the many life times they have lived performing magic and miracles, and the many dimensional planes they had wandered through, explored and mastered- deep wisdom that can not be erased from the souls Akash. Although not remembering the details of the life times that went before, the wizard always knew there was more both before life as a human and after, an innate wisdom and feeling that couldn’t be forgotten.

It’s kind of like that with me. I never feared death. It never phased me. I remember one dinner time when we were sitting around the dinner table with my brothers and mother one day after school, I was about 13. I was fed up with life, it was so flat and dull. School was a drag that I put a brave face on for and endured. I had spent some time wondering what lay beyond, so sure there was something. I was always quite philosophical and liked to talk about topics that no one including myself ever knew the answer to. It brought me an excitement of unknowing, it painted a whole land to be explored that no body ever dared to venture down. So I said to my brothers and mother- very young and naive thinking nothing of it and that it would spur an interesting conversation. “I wouldn’t mind if I died today.”

They all gasped. “DON’T SAY THAT!” They all said as if I had wrenched out their heart and left them alone forever. 

“That’s a horrible thing to say.” 

I was a little confused, but was slightly bemused at their reaction. It wasn’t like I was going to kill myself- that for me although I always thought would be interesting to discover what lay beyond never seemed a wise option. “I was just saying…” I started. 

“Well don’t!” They shot back at me.

I guess that was one of the first times I thought to myself even my own family don’t always get me. It’s something that has always stuck in my mind. Their shock horror at my even mentioning of the topic. I guess that reflects what so many feel when it comes to life after death. Their has been so much shadow, and confusion projected upon the topic through the many different religions and then science, that for so many people they feel great uncertainty and at extent fear of the topic.

So what I share with you now is what has been reawakened within me since the acceleration of my awakening that began in 2013 when my Kundalini was activated. Where I have been shown the process and deep remembering of life after death and the souls transition of both incarnating into and parting from the human vessel. 

Now I am 24 and have gone through several huge waves of awakenings which with it has brought much to surface. My second big awakening began 3 years after my first, where I journeyed with Ayahuasca. Here I was showed my oversoul- the collective soul of all my lifetimes. 

Since this ceremony in October 2016, much began to be reawakened within me over the years to come, something that is forever deepening. 

I remember before incarnating in this lifetime. I remember transitioning in other life times also. As someone who is in communication with the other side, understanding the spiritual realms is clear to me. Where it’s like zooming out on this life- that in comparison to the souls journey is really short. 

I’ve spent a lot of time there. Many of my counter parts working with me in this life time, are from higher realms stretching out of this universe, and this wisdom and insight assists me along my journey. Much of this I am still awakening to, I am only 24, I have a whole life time ahead of me, but this is what I have remembered so far. 

Some find it hard to conceive when I speak about lifetimes beyond this one, but really it is simple, when you acknowledge your consciousness (awareness) as separate to your human vessel. Your human vessel is conscious, whilst you are in it- every cell is conscious, you DNA is conscious, your organs are conscious, allowing you to do many things- Your consciousness is the energy and life within the human vessel. But when you die your human vessel is no longer conscious, as your consciousness essentially leaves the body. 

But when your consciousness leaves your body- it doesn’t just disappear. For those of you who like science- energy can not be made and it can not be destroyed. Your consciousness is energy- it is this part of you that continues, some many call it the soul. It is white light- when I describe it visually, love at it’s core expression. But primarily it is your awareness. Your ability to see and conceive and recognise the self.

SO where does this consciousness go? What happens to your awareness when you transition?

Well it is different for everybody depending on the life you lived. But essentially when you die, you realign with Love. When you die all the resistance you experienced in your human incarnation standing in the way of your greatest desires dispenses and all realigns with love- your core expression and soul path trajectory. You go through deep remembering and realisation of the life experience. You experience a life review, where you see your whole entire life play all at once. All the decisions you made and the implications they had also. All those people you effected, who as a result went on to effect others and the chain reactions that followed, the different paths you could have walked also, all of this we see in a life review. You may have heard people saying from near Death experiences- their life flashed before their eyes- this is because they began to transition and for what ever reasons beyond they decided to stay incarnated.

In the spiritual realms all is now- so this life review happens all at once. It can be initially hard to conceive no such thing as time whilst focused in 3D and 4D but as you expand your consciousness and move into 5D it is something that you will remember naturally as it is something we have all been through. All of us have lived many life times. Even if it is one of our first life times as a human, the lifetimes before us, we may have been an animal or some other form of intelligent life. We go through many life times to get to the human.

So what about hell? Is there such thing?- A question we now address. 

It’s interesting as I have explored this topic, and reflect on the many different religions and teachings as all essentially hold truth within them, only many lead to much confusion, as it is much more scientific, than many of the religions make it out to be. Life after death isn’t just a spiritual concept it is all in alignment with universal Laws. When science embraces consciousness fully, it will be able to understand this in greater depth in the way our ancient ancestors did. 

Hell basically is the opposite to reawakening and realigning with love. Hell is a state of consciousness of internal fear. Here the awareness of an individual transitions and finds itself in denial of life beyond, where it becomes trapped in fear by it’s inner demons and self despair. It is all a vibrational state of being. Depending on the vibrational state of being you embody upon Earth, effects what you reawaken to when you transition. 

The kinder you are in this lifetime, the more compassion you hold, the higher your vibration when you transition and the greater you reawaken to love. We all awaken to love to some degree as long as we are not stuck in hell, love itself and the dimensions within the orgasmic consciousness goes very deep- and how deep you go is reflective of the consciousness you obtain whilst incarnated on Earth. This is why the masters choose a challenge- as they and the consciousness they represent greater awakens than before. 

Awakening is infinite you see, there is no end, and in the accepting of this you accelerate in spiritual growth. The Masters embody the states of I don’t know- for they are Masters surfing the leading edge of the expansion of consciousness, which can only expand into the unknown for the known is already obtained.

This is the souls journey- infinitely evolving essentially in unity consciousness always reaching to grow, where what you realign with when you transition in awakening also depends on the lifetimes of your oversoul that were before. 

Primarily though Love is at your core and for many this is what we then experience the realignment of upon transitioning. Re-immersed in a sea and frequency of unconditional love.

What you need to understand about Earth and the human incarnation into this dimension, is it is an accelerated learning ground, where the soul learns much faster here than in the spiritual realms. About 30,000 Years of exploring the spiritual realms amounts of one lifetime explored as a human being.

Whether you like it or not- you chose to incarnate here as a human. There was (and still is) a time where you were so excited for human life and the great expansion that it brings. When you were a child you were very aligned with this state of being- always reaching to have fun and explore, this is because innately you know life is an adventure waiting to be explored discovered for the self. The only thing is for so many of us we go through the heavy matrix conditioning that is currently in the process of disclosure, and is lifting. A kid gets conditioned out of alignment- most often through school and society as they grow older, where they are told to follow orders, to sit in lessons they don’t enjoy, and life overtime becomes habitually dull- and they no longer embody that naturally aligned fun vibrational state of being, and instead take on a dull, flat low vibrational state of being. 

Yet what is at hand is the great awakening. Where so many of us are remembering life is supposed to be fun. So many of us are remembering there is more, in a way that hasn’t been taught in the society so many of us have grown up in. 

Life is like a game in many ways. You create your own reality- and this has been the way from the start even before you incarnate you are create the life you incarnate into. (This can take some accepting- it took me a while when my angels first presented this information to me- like why didn’t I pick a family of incarnation that was living in consistent alignment, that was flowing abundantly, that has no fear? But as we awaken we learn, all serves a larger purpose and is part of a much larger plan. That if our situation of incarnation is challenging- it’s because we chose it for our greater expansion and growth along the souls journey. 

You chose to come here because you learn and evolve your soul quickly. You chose your situation of incarnation (your parents) and before incarnating you see your life path trajectory play out. There are many paths you can walk, but ultimately there is one predominate trajectory- one core life path. This is the path your core expression walks- the path of least resistance, the path that you feel the most joy walking, the most fun, and experience the most synchronicities along. When you are aligned with your core life path, you find yourself meeting and fulfilling soul contracts, that you may of agreed to before your incarnations. These soul contracts can be anything from relationships, to jobs, to projects, to friendships, but essentially are agreements you made to excel your learning, growth and learning of others and to create in some shape or form.

The best part of it all, the really fun part is- that core life path, you can never really stray that far from because always you are being guided into alignment with this core life path trajectory. It's just a matter of how aligned with it are you. The more aligned you are the better life is. This is path of least resistance through life, this is path of most fun and joy through life. There are many ways you can go down this core life path also- not just one way rather infinite. There are Infinite ways and paths to to walk through your life aligned with joy as it is a state of being essentially not an actual path. For you create your reality- and what you create is reflective of the vibration you are embodying. The more aligned with joy you are the more joy you will create through The Law of Attraction. (If you want to learn more about the Law of Attraction- check our free video course)

That is where you feelings come into play. As when you are aligned with this core life path you feel good. When you are not aligned you feel bad. You can never really stray too far from the core life path without feeling really bad, which essentially points you back towards feeling better (that core life path and path of alignment).

And that essentially is what awakening is. Remembering who we are at our core- and the way we are wired. We come to walk in alignment- in alignment with Love. When we die we realign with the core life path of love and everything along it, but what we have now in this life times is the opportunity to align with that core orgasmic life path of love before we die.

Within this great awakening occurring on Earth at this time- we are remembering that this is what we came to do, and that we are love at our core, and that are feelings are guiding us into alignment with love, and when we walk in alignment with love, we create that which is love- that which is magic. When we consistently walk in alignment with love then we are walking the path of the master- the path of christ consciousness- a state of consciousness aligned with love.

Understanding Chirst is like understanding Satan. It’s like a state of consciousness that can be experienced by many. Christ is Love consciousness. Satan is fear, displayed through ego. 

The more we awaken to all of this and beyond along your own souls journey and wisdom whilst we are incarnated on Earth, the faster the acceleration of our souls learning. 

Life is suppose to be fun and it is an adventure. 

You can not get it wrong, because you will always get another opportunity, consciousness and it’s possibilities to create are infinite. Fear is the only obstacle, but when you reawaken to love, all fear dispenses because in alignment with love there is no fear, there is no hell, for all is love.