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Light and Darkness

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

They tell me to tell you my story, I really do not know where to begin,

The pain, and then the stories are both funny, and at times very depressing.

The life has shown me many things you know. There was a time… really not that long ago, where I danced with the devil, my life was a rampage of an ego show.

It’s funny when people tell me there is darkness on Earth as if I haven’t got a clue, if only they could see, quite what I have been through.

I share love and light because this is my mission, it’s what I am here to awaken you to, but let me tell you I lived great darkness before the light that I now share with you. 


As I began awakening about six years ago, I received a series of dreams, experiences and visions, of demons sucking away my soul.

This is where life had lead me, this is what I had come to be, the 19 years of life that had gone before me, had spiralled to this frequency. So I could see.

I was taken to the gates of hell, and told that if I did not change, I would be stuck in a state of consciousness, of eternal pain. 

Fire and lava and screaming names. The most terrifying experiences I have had to date.

People tell me I do not know the darkness. But I tell you the darkness was once my friend, I danced with the devil, smashed times with the devil, my whole entire facade was pretend. 


But the darkness was my greatest teacher too, it showed me things I did not know before, it took me through, what light can only expose you to.

What I learnt is the darkness is a platform, to assist you to return, to the part of you that is infinite love, realignment with part of you that comes to Earth to learn.

You are Love at your core, this is who you really are, awakening to this wisdom will send your light far. 

Now this is the wisdom that passes through me, this is what I am here to share- you are love you see.

You have so much potentiality.


The Darkness is a platform to awaken you, to the larger part of you,

Darkness is there reminding you, 

Of who you really are, 

As darkness is the duality,

To who you really are,

Infinite unconditional Love you see.

Infinite unconditional love is at the core of both you and me,



The source showed me evil is like a plague eating away at that in which is is contained, 

But as you ascend the darkness it transcends, 

Duality in 5D is no more, 

And your spirit in light is aligned with your core.

Your core- the infinite unconditional love of the source.


Yet the darkness is contained in you, so is the devil and all evil is too, it is a product of that which created you. 


Make peace with the darkness, and you shall see, that all is just a projection, an aspect of me. 

That which I am not able to see in light.

The darkness in this way is a tool, there to assist in reestablishing you, realigning you, in what is you souls truth. 


You are unconditional love at your core

Awakening to this your spirit will soar,

No amount of darkness can take this from you,

Follow your feelings and excitement and you will learn it's true,

Love is at the very core of you.


If you find yourself surrounded by darkness, 

If it begins eating away at your being,

We guide you not to fear, not to despair and use it as a tool to expand your seeing,


Love is the cure,

It will relinquish the fear,

You must Love yourself we wish for you to hear,

Love yourself and other, be kind to yourself and other,

Remember your global family of sister and brother.


If darkness strikes,

We not guide you not to fight,

Rather to remember and to say, 

I am light and love at my core,

And the darkness is there to greater awaken me to this today.