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My Name Change Experience

When people ask me my name and I say E, there can be a mixture of responses. Some look confused some accept it and welcome me with warmth and a glowing smile, others resist.

Why is my name E?

I began going through a name change when I was 23. I was told by my guides that my name was holding back my expansion as I had many ego attachments to it. People would tell me my name was cool- I liked that. But all was ego. I had 23 years of an identity with it, 23 years of ego sculpting that I held as my human identity. 23 years of wild riding- I’ve seen and experienced a lot in this life, and my human had an ego identity that loved that.

When I was asked by my guides to let it go I initially resisted. People are weird who do that was my egos initial response.

"But think of the potential for transformation," my guides whispered.

The idea of something new to explore, is what gives me fire in my step. It is what excites me the most. I LOVE change. The idea of a name change very quickly became really exciting and I instantly began the process.

I am a very strong person that had been pushed and challenged in many areas of my life, where continually releasing the ego has been at the forefront of much of my expansion. Caring what people thought of me had been a big one in my late teens where in my early 20’s I was guided to develop great inner strength within my spiritual connection to release the fear of other peoples judgments.

What I learnt… Yes people may talk, they may laugh and they may judge, but coming through it all people watch with their mouths open when you push the status quo. A strong spiritual connection is like the ultimate super power. And a very fun wave to ride.

What I have experienced in going through a name change has been transformation like I had never felt before in this life time.

First I was guided to move to the name Ellie Light. An abbreviation of my birth name: Ellen which means Light and Ellie- a nick name people have always called me.

This was fun and easy, I like this name but I soon began to find that names frequency limiting also, it was too safe and I wanted more of a challenge. As I began to venture deeper into my being and greater awaken to the counter parts of my over soul this became a natural initiation.

As I moved into my next name I began to remember how normal it was to move from name to name. I received information of the 6th dimensional consciousness- it was the Acturians that came to me here. I received memories of a lifetime I had as an Acturians who live much longer that human beings (750 years- 2500 is the average age information I have received here). Where the whole life time is aligned with spiritual service and expansion.

Acturian representation- Artist Unknown

Along the spiritual journey as shown to me by the Acturians, in one physical vessel, you may die and be reborn many times, before your physical death, in this way you can begin to understand the power and relevance of a name change- it is like a process of rebirth.

My second name I was given the name Eylsei reflective of an 8th dimensional expression of myself. Here I was guided to explore many ways in spelling, as I felt into the difference in frequency and the connection with a reawakened aspect of myself.

As I began to settle into this name I began to feel it didn’t fit my larger essence, what was wanting to be expressed through me was less contained.

My guides would then began to call me El, I am Clairauditory and a channel so I both hear spirit and channel spirit. Initially when they began calling me El I heard this and then I began to speak it. This spoke to me on a whole new deeper level. Evoking great familiarity within me and feelings of the divine feminine in the essence of my spirit. Yet El didn’t quite capture it all either and I began to move into a new state of consciousness.

My ego had become uprooted like never before. Letting go of your name is one of the most humbling yet consciousness expanding experiences I have been through. Your whole identity shifts and opens, separating yourself from the attachments of the ego to become an observing consciousness of the self. Where I experienced reflection of the self in a very humbled state of being.

I began to question why I had began this process. Why I had been guided down this road. I began to feel as though part of me had died and felt a sadness for it’s departing. I felt a dis-attachment to the ego and to the human being that I was. Yet this brought with it honoring my human in a new way. That which I had placed as my identity became a matter of space and time, my identity became un-contained consciousness. Yet consciousness that is unified in all, consciousness as an all connecting field beyond my human vessel, the same consciousness within my brother and sister. I experienced an awakening to the larger part of me, the larger part of me that is you, that is the trees, that is the planet, the solar systems, the universes and beyond. I was No longer riding and serving the highs of the ego, that my British white girl loved to do so much.

Unifying, all encompassing consciousness- Artist Unknown

I found myself humbled in ways I was not anticipating, placed on my knees, with the a pure intention to serve the divine unified consciousness of one and the larger plan at work. It was as though my ego had been striped away revealing to me my spirit. Here I accepted my flittering name change, held greater purpose and I would jump from name to name as it felt most suitable.

Until one day I reached out to spirit in a means to greater serve. "I want to have one name to share please," I said. “The humans all have labels, and it’s kind of necessary day to day. I want to be able to know what to put at the end of emails. What do I do?"

To my surprise Kyron replied. Kyron is a friend of mine. I would not say I channel Kryon specifically, but this consciousness has been there with me, guiding me for the past 5 years. I hear Kryon telepathically, and the wisdom this cluster shares is of certain frequency who I love, admire and appreciate deeply.

Kryon was clear and was straight to it. I was taken off guard. “You Are E.”

“YES!" I laughed in joy and remember. E spoke to the depths of my soul. It spoke to the parts of me across the dimensions, to core of my being. It defined me in ways that felt so obvious and so familiar I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen it before. I smiled as I began to reflect over my whole life, how I had always felt deep love for the letter E, and how it was the one part aside of El, that had remained with me always through the names spirit had guided through.

"Thank you,” I said, "Please though I would like solid confirmation.” The rest of that day and the days that followed I was hearing E echoing everywhere. Through the music, through what I saw on the streets. Through visions of pre birth incarnation and then in my dreams.

I’m not going to lie, the name E has it’s awakening perks as well as it’s matrix moments. But, I guess that is part of what I am (we are) here to do- break the molds as we enter a new paradigm.

Names we have much attachment to but often as I have discovered for reasons of ego and attachment. Something that I feel will evolve with much speed in the coming ascension, where the very nature of language is ascending also. If I am asked to sign I will write my name in light language. For me, this is the identity of my soul. There will be those who resist- those who are yet to break free from the Matrix. I understand and hold great empathy for all, I was born deep into the matrix after all, I have those of blood wish to still contain me in their idea of mainstream perfection out of their own insecurity, but I love them non the less.

My conscious friend have been the most supportive through the last year and a half, honoring the name change I have been going through where I only hold the greatest respect, admiration and gratitude for them. It has been a challenge yet a forever fun and expanding exploration of consciousness, preparing for that which my incarnation is here to represent collectively.

Spirit in the higher dimensions as you ascended past 6D is less contained to a physically vessel. Consciousness is experience more in what I can best describe as streams and clusters. Although it may identify with a name, or certain formation when speaking to us humans, past the 6th dimension, consciousness becomes non-denominational, unconfined, with infinite expressions

I understand I have been guided along this process to humble me, to awaken me and to become a servant to the larger plan at work.

SO there You have it, more on me- E :) Light for you to See, Awakening Potentiality, Remembering collective Unity, Speaking with rhythm and harmony, to lift and set you spirits free. ❤️