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Santa Maria

So it’s time I tell my story, and the teachers that have assisted me along the way, for wisdom they have awakened within me, that I pass on to you today.

Medicinal they whisper,

And guide you not to fear,

When explored wisely with intention,

They can help you greater hear. 

The people that do judge,

Judge out of fear, and out of alignment with love,

For great wisdom has been misconstrued and repressed by the powers that thought it was above. 

The masses have been conditioned by great treachery,

By those in power who did not want the wisdom to be free,

They did not want the people to see,

Their individual potentiality,

Just under 2000 yeas Ago they burnt Maria to the ground,

Tried to clean up their crimes without a sound,

Many untrue stories they spread around,

After they killed the Christ Masters that they had found,

And then the broken Christ wisdom that they shared,

In the book of knowledge that they prepared,

They created stories of lies that left the people scared,

But now the wisdom has returned and you better get prepared. 

Christ is a state of consciousness, 

It’s greatest mission is healing, to unify and awaken and to trust, 

It is the consistent frequency of love,  

Jeshua was a universal master not the solo son of God, 

He was showing you what we can all do. 

Mary Magdelyne to,

They made stories up to confuse you,

Go do your research and you will find it’s true,

Go study in the mystery schools they will tell you, 

Humanities history is very different to what society has you. 

And Santa Mairia? What does she have to do with Christ?

We use her in our healings, Christ is very wise,

We understand she can open the people’s eyes.

Life is very beautiful you know, 

Is meant to feel good, enjoyable,

It’s just that Matrix show,

That we all need to let go.

Forgive that which has been,

Forgive the treachery,

The lies and pain, that the human race has seen,

For when you forgive, 

You realign with love and this is the key.

Love is who we are here to be,

Love is our greatest potentiality,

Christ consciousness returning to Gaia- many master you will begin to see.

All of what I share with you- it what the masters have shared with me. 

Those who are in higher dimensional realities, 

Waiting for humanity to wake up and see.

You can talk with them too,

They are waiting for you, 

Patiently watching in service to,

We guide you not to fear,

For light and love is always here,

Your excitement lights the way,

Which is why we guide you all to play,

Make feeling good your priority each day.

The plant teachers are there to assist you,

But it’s important we remind you of what for so many is true,

Addiction will consume you too,

If you abuse,

So set intention to learn and heal if you use, 

It’s your life in your hands, it down to you to choose,

What serves you what you would rather refuse,

We all have our own journeys,

Our own missions and tools to use too,

There is not one way, 

Rather infinite possibilities,

It’s all about what works for you.

And that’s where our intuition is the greatest guide in life,

You greatest wisdom, guide and teacher is inside,

Whispering to you every day and night,

Your feel good feelings are light,

This is the connection it’s time humanity ignites,

Mastery is a state of joy and play,

Where your feel good feelings quite literally light the way. 

It’s time to address the topic of Santa Maria.

I have written serval poems about this teacher, however have never addressed her in an direct sense. Or spoken about my experience with her directly. So I feel like getting straight to it here in this blog post. 

Santa Maria has been one of my favourite plant medicines to work with. Aside of Ayahuasca I don’t really work with other medicines. I have done a mushroom ceremony before, and although I appreciate mushrooms help some people- it’s not a medicine I would likely work with again. I would much rather work with Santa Maria or save it for an ayahuasca ceremony. I find Santa Maria and ayahuasca much more healing, awakening, and useful- for reasons I feel are down to the feminine spirit of these plants. 

Now Ayahuasca is a medicine I have only worked with twice- I have done four ceremonies in this time, I would like to work with her more in divine timing. She changed my life but that is a story I will save for another time. 

Santa Maria is a medicine that I have much experience with. I have been working with her on and off since I was 16. Only up until I was 19 I wasn’t aware of how she is a spiritual teacher that can be used to greatly expand our consciousness. Although on some level I was aware she assisted my state of consciousness, I would abuse the plant. I was not educated- I was living in the Matrix. 

Today my relationship with Santa Maria is very different. When I went through my initial awakening back in 2013, I went through what I can best describe as a plurge of that which did not serve me anymore. Releasing addictions, that I had been using as an escape mechanism. This over the course of 3 years included letting go of: what I then called ‘weed,' coffee, alcohol, meat, cheese, dairy, sugar, gluten and Tobacco. One by one I went through releasing these addictions. 

Tobacco was first- where a product of my awakening was rejecting the substance where I would begin to gag every time I took a few tokes of a roll up. My body was changing due to my Kundalini being activated and I began to reject that which did not serve me. Then came cannabis or ‘weed', where the idea of smoking it or even the smell made me gag. Then it was meat, then dairy, then alcohol, then sugar, then bread. Coffee was something that I have stopped for long periods on and off throughout- where it has also been a powerful tool to assist me realising addictions. Alcohol I have also stopped on an off over the last six years since awakening, but today I am not drinking alcohol. I have been guided to let this go, to be able to do the work I do now as a healer and channel.

I hadn’t used Santa Maria for some time, before I was guided to her again. I was very cautious of using her, given my track record of addiction, but I was guided to use so in a ceremonial manner. Setting an intention, lighting candles, and respecting the spiritual nature of the plant. I soon learnt how beneficial this plant teacher can be when using for reasons to heal and to grow, rather than my teenager liked to do- which was escape.

Santa Maria, began to show me many things, which took me a long time to integrate but essentially accelerated the rate of my awakening. I was shown much darkness and much light. I had a lot of inner demons to face regarding addiction, but also the judgment of society. 

When I began working with Santa Maria to expand my consciousness in the back of my mind I would hear my mothers judgement- that it was terribly wrong thing to do and I was a bad person for using this even in medicinal manner. This took some deep healing to release. It’s only something I have been able to fully move past in the recent year after ayahuascas assistance. The judgment of my parental conditioning was very heavy, primarily out of fear- but also something reflected throughout the collective consciousness- which is one of the reasons I chose this situation of incarnation.

Something ayahuasca showed me in my first two ceremonies was how much the plant medicines will and are assisting the planetary shift in consciousness occurring within our solar system at this time. Where I was guided to openly share that I was working with medicinal plants, firstly with my parents, which is a story for another time, but also to then to go on and share this information with the public.

I was told it’s really important and not to hold back because Earth is becoming more and more deeply immersed within such high vibrational states of consciousness- love, joy, peace, harmony- where these plant medicine can greatly help humanity integrate this new planetary frequency. 

Where if we are not embodying states of joy, peace, harmony, love, compassion, kindness, etc and aligning with the new planetary vibration, we will feel really bad. We will feel, anxiety, depression, despair, guilt- dissonance to love. (I am not saying you have to use plant medicines to make this shift in consciousness- rather they are a tool that can assist some).

I was told that the old paradigm judgement and fear is lifting. The more we share openly also, the faster the lifting will be. As our sharing holds the space for others to not be made to feel in shame or self judgment for working with medicinal plants.


Working with Santa Maria

The plant medicines essentially can assist the embodiment of higher vibrational states of being. This is where using with intention is so important- using to learn, heal and grow, rather than to escape. Using wisely also- not using 24/7. Santa Maria, is tool, but if abused she will consume you. 

I recommend if you work with her, to take big breaks. And not to work with her every day, and to do that work in the evening, once your day is done, when you do work with her. Everybody is different though and has their own way of working so use your intuition, discover and explore.

Physically writing your intention down before consuming is also a very powerful practise. Especially if you have regularly smoked in the past, and want to shift your use of the plant medicine to something more beneficial and healing.

Things to question:

What do you want to learn? 

What do you want to gain? 

What do you want to heal?

What do you want assistance with?

What would you like to discover?

I also recommend to not use tobacco. If you smoke her for consumption and want to smoke with something- I recommend sage, or green tea. 

The higher the vibration of your body when you work with Santa Maria significantly effects what she shows you- this is why I guide you to release the tobacco (it is sprayed with all sorts). Also the food you eat is important to consider- I had a high vibration vegan diet before I was invited to work with her again.

You do not need much Santa Maria to benefit and learn from her. Smoking in a pipe is what we tend to do in The Golden Age. Plant medicine ceremonies are nothing new- have a look at these hieroglyphic.

There are many different ways to work with Santa Maria, in time I would like to hold Santa Maria ceremonies and retreats- as it is something I am being called to do. The states of consciousness we can embody in ceremony is truly profound and activating work, clearing the way for what is to come collectively essentially.

What the medicine teaches is different for everybody, but especially across the board she relaxes resistance. One of the most beneficial yet surprising ways working with this plant medicine is in exercise. Combining exercise and Santa Maria can be incredibly consciousness expanding (you need a high vibration to do with ease though, so the high vibration food helps here).

We all know exercise is beneficial, it is a really powerful tool for raising our vibration. But so many people have resistance to it down to lack of enjoyment and fun in early conditioning. Santa Maria, can help us though do exercise, subsiding our resistance to it, and bringing a more relaxed, enjoyable, fun approach with more presence. Enjoyment is fundamental when raising your vibration. When you don't enjoy say sports the act of doing sports is counter effective and you actually lower you vibration. Enjoyment is always the key.

Santa Maria has assisted me in exercise at times. There was a time in my life over the last two years I felt I had to run to vibrationally keep up with what my life had come to be. I had to have a really high frequency, so running was what I took to. I have a history as a runner- a story I will tell another time, but ultimately I have a lot of heavy conditioning here thats created resistance.

I always felt I had to run fast and really far which put me off running altogether. At this time in my life when I felt I had to run to keep up with the frequency of my life I was living half way up a mountain so I had to run up mountains, which I found not enjoyable and had a lot of resistance to. But then I was guided to go running after using Santa Maria, and I had a huge awakening. Not only did it put the fun back in exercise, but it opened my eyes, connected me deeper to the spiritual essence of running and movement and enabled me to run up mountains without stopping, opening the door to running up mountains and enjoying the process without the use of Santa Maria.

Today I occasionally use her in exercise when I go on really long power walks. I don't use her when I run anymore as I like to run fast and she slows me down. But when it comes to long walks, I will at times- and I learn so much it is amazing- because I'm vibing high with the exercise but also because I'm in a more sensitive state of being ( which is the effect Santa Maria has on me), so I am much more receptive and easily download a lot of information with ease.

This topic as a whole and the healing Benefits of plant Medicine is something I am being called to teach more of- so I will be sharing more on the plant medicines overtime moving forward. 

Openly sharing about plant medicine is a big step for me, I have to face a lot inner demons telling me, I shouldn’t share this information because people will judge me- but for me not to share this information could significantly inhibit others. They are medicinal and this shift in consciousness we are going through (and we have only really just begun) is profound, where these plant medicines can significantly assist the masses. However eduction on their spirit and how to work with them is required.

Dispelling judgment

Essentially my greatest demons on the topic of plant medicines come down to my parents, their judgment and the societal consciousness they represent. The Mainstream consciousness has not been educated on Plant medicines- rather it has been made to fear them being categorised immorally alongside synthetic drugs. Where there is a huge and misunderstood difference between the plant medicines and synthetic drugs. Take Cocaine for example- There is a huge difference between Cocaine and cannabis.

When people say that Cocaine is a natural I want to bang my head against the wall. Yes it does come from the coca plant, coca is really good for you. The Peruvians consider coca a sacred plant and drink coca tea, that’s natural- it’s like green tea with lots of oxygen. 

Coca alone when you consume it, it doesn’t alter your state of consciousness.

To make cocaine it is torn apart and goes through a chemical process and often has many other things added to it- where in terms of physics the frequency of the initial sacred plant coca has been bent. There is a reason why it is called the devils drug- I advise you to avoid it big time.

Cannabis however- you pick it from a plant, and you can benefit and learn from it straight away- there is not chemical altering process that needs to occur. This is the difference, cannabis is natural, but Cocaine that is a synthetic drug. 

I’m not going to tell you what to do- but I really do advise you as someone who is in communication with the spiritual realms, people stay clear of the synthetic drugs. 

I used to be a raver, and I used to get high on horrible chemicals before I woke up- The synthetic drugs they do no favours to your spirit. They burn holes in your auric field, which create heightened anxiety, depression and entity attachments. 

Working with Plant medicine, and not respecting the teacher, using it as an escape mechanism and becoming reliant on it can also do this- as it becomes an addiction, not something you are using to learn, grow, heal and evolve- this is why once again intention and using your intuition and discernment is so important. 


Your State of Being is Key

Plant medicines I recommend keeping to a minimum- and to reach to live life sober, and have fun sober. It is so important. The sober state of being is the state of being of the masters. When under the influence of plant medicines you are not at your full potential.

They can be used to help awaken you and realise your greatest potential, but you can not fully align with your greatest version under the influence of plant medicines as your greatest version is sober- you are born into this planet sober for a reason. Your sober spiritual connection in your sober state of alignment is the ultimate fulfilment and enlightenment you can obtain- you can reach much higher states of love and bliss without plant medicines than with plant medicines, and when you do, no medicinal plant, nothing can replace that feeling.

When you feel you would benefit from assistance and a plant medicine calls you, then this is the time to use this tool- it can be used to relax and embody a fun, enjoyable state of being. 

You can tell a plant medicine is calling you through reoccurring signs. Such as hearing the name, having conversations, etc.

It’s your state of being that is important- which is where discernment comes into play ask yourself- is what I am doing lifting my state of being in the long run or inhibiting it?

When you are using plant medicines and they inhibit you in anyway or you rely on them or you feel you need them- thats when to take big breaks, or stop all together. 

But if they assist you improve your life, greater awaken and to expand your consciousness but you can easily live without them, really then there is no harm they are medicinal.

Use you intuition, be wise and practise discernment. It’s your life ultimately it’s down to you to take responsibility for your decisions. 


You Do not need Plant Medicines to Work with their Wisdom

Ultimately as we ascend we will no longer need the assistance of medical plants. As there becomes a vibrational 'capping point' where they can only show you so much- as you take on their vibration when you consume them, and more always lies beyond.

You don’t need to consume the medicine to even tap into the beneficial frequencies of plant teachers, you can find a state of being through communicating with the spirit, through feeling the spirit without even the consumption. Often this comes after working with the plant medicine where you have a familiarity with the spirit. But that is not necessary. 

More lessons lies beyond all consumptions of plant medicines, and consumption of all food for that matter. The whole concept of consumption and why we consume anything, is a level of consciousness as the human race further collective ascends we will begin to explore.

What I have learnt along my journey is everything we need is within us.

We are love at our core and we are infinite potential. However we have forgotten much. There are tools throughout life that can assist us in remembering however- which is where the plant medicines can assist. They are not the answer though, they are not there to fill a void, but they are there to assist us in awakening and embodying higher vibrational states of being.

Each of us are on our own journeys, each of us has our own mission. There are infinite ways, and some things work for some people that don’t work for others. And that is what is so beautiful- our collective variety. Life would be boring if we all walked the same path. There is a reason why we are all different- we have so much more potential when we unify in our differences, but also we evolve much faster through duality. 

As a collective we need to accept we are all on our own path and not judge- ultimately when we judge we are holding ourselves out of alignment with our expanded and greatest potential. As our greatest potential is aligned with love and love does not judge, love understands all serves great purpose. 

If you would like personal advise and assistance with this topic please feel free to reach out to me. I offer 15 minute free phone called and private one on one sessions where we can address any topic you feel called to explore. As I work with the spiritual realms, the ascended Masters, The Guardians of Gaia, The Arch Angels and many multi-dimensional beings, it really is an open book.

Much Love

Brother and Sister

E :)

Sacred medicina, Here for wisdom to pass unto the, Who listens to the call of her whisper, Healing Remedies. Work wisely with such tools, In remembering, For the reason that we came, In service and purity, For life will never be the same,

A whole new land discovered, That wasn’t quite seen before, Perceptions now stretch beyond horizons, Igniting senses open to be explored.

The balance is for the self to be discovered, But a tool that must be shared, For the people it can greatly assist, With the frequencies prepared,

If learning with this teacher, Ask with intention before, With where you would like her assistance, As she can help you be reborn.

Her wisdom is a frequency, Where consuming her to learn is not necessary, Simply connecting with her spirit through telepathy, Can be just as beneficiary.