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The Bridge to joy

How are you feeling?

So many people are struggling at this time. Feeling low, depressed or anxious.

Today I write to you form a place of complete empathy for these emotions. I now understand what I have been through in greater light, for my depth in ability to relate to such states of being, has been one of great endurance throughout my life experience.

One would think it would get better upon waking up, and in many ways it did, until I got into a relationship and took an a very larger project to assist this disclosures of our star families. I went through a really challenging time.

I’m not going to go into to much detail because the purpose of this post is to provide a high vibrational platform of joy. But I will go general in speaking that life long momentum, manifested in many forms. On one side it was the most amazingly consciousness expanding experience and learning platform of my life on the other hand, I wanted to die.

This is kind of like life if you are depressed, only conscious of the whole process because of the awakening and healing I gone through prior, enabled me to be so. I remember when I was 19 just before I began awakening my thoughts. I remember thinking- life is so beautiful but my life is just not, I’ve really messed up my life and human being. I remember feeling deep guilt because I had been given so many opportunities, a nice family, a nice upbringing, but it felt like I had let everyone down by being me, and wasn’t ‘good enough.’

At this point in my life I wasn’t conscious of the conditioning process at hand. I wasn’t aware of how divinely orchestrated the whole ‘set up’ was of both the light and the darkness. I didn’t know what the ego was, nor did I know my ego has been sculpted accordingly to my environment- a product of the conditioning process I went through.

What is conditioning?

I’ll cover this now so we are all on the same page. It’s an important word to get to grips with if you want to greater awakening to who you are. Conditioning is the subconscious programming we all go through from the moment we enter the planet.

It’s how your personality and ego is formed, in response to your surrounding environment. You have your own unique conditioning but we also have the collective conditioning also- many layers of conditioning surround us.

An example is if you have a father who pokes and prods you all the times, you then go on to poke and prod others. (This could be either verbally, of physically) it’s like a chain reaction. You may also withdraw from the father figure and others in response to such conditioning.

Another example is if you had were bullied at school you each day, an individual or maybe several individuals telling you, you were stupid or saying abusive things, maybe sometimes kicking you or scratching you, or making your cry through the the things they would say, slowly your self esteem and confidence would be eroded away. These traumas caused you would then carry forward in your subconscious memory, effecting the reality and your relationships around you.

Another example is a mother figure who always wanted you to be happy, and didn’t know how to deal with her own emotions, anxiety and sadness. Maybe there was a time where you were bullied at school and were sad. But your sadness made her even more sad than you because of her traumas and she worried deeply for you. Making her emotions on top of your own almost uncontrollable to deal with. So that you withdraw entirely from sharing any emotions of yours with her or anybody again, even though the bullying got worse.

All of this is conditioning.

There are so many paths, and layers in which conditioning can take form, it’s something we can spend years awakening to.

Is there a way to unravel the conditioning process? You may ask, so I don’t have to spend my whole life undoing the programming I have been through?

We have given you a gift called the ‘Akashic Reset’ from Ekryon on behalf of The Guardians of Gaia who we speak for. This is a tool book, you may use it for many things, including the acceleration of the upheaval of your conditioning- your intuition here is the core guide, we are not going to give you all the answers, life is a puzzle for you to work out, where your puzzle is unique to everybody else. We shall continue to evolve and elaborate on this over time though, as you evolve with us.

Working with the Akashic Reset is only part of what is to be done through for rebalancing of the conditioning process. Forgiveness also for all others and ultimately for the self it all comes back to is a fundamental key. It always comes back to the self, others are simply acting as a mirror, reflecting back to you an aspect of yourself and inward relationship the source at your core.

Always bring it back to the self, unconditionally, and you will be on the path to mastery. Where at the core it is the relationship you hold with the source that is being communicated to you through your feelings. If you feel good you are in alignment with the source, if you feel bad you are out of alignment with the source expression of you. But you can go from feeling bad to feeling very good, very quickly, if you let go and allow yourself to.

The times that we are in, great light if flooding into the planet. We have spoken of this many times but we shall continue to do so. It’s very important information. Earths Astrological positioning within the universe along the 25,800 year cycle known as The Great Year, or Platonic Year be it so. This area Earth has just entered and is becoming deeper immersed within for her infinite future, is like a sea that is the frequency of Love consciousness. The vibrational atmosphere that Earth is now in and continually ascending into is the frequency of Joy, Peace, Love and harmony. When we say Love is flooding into the planet we really, really mean it. Tidal waves of Light.

Earths Positioning in 2012 along The Great Year Cycle

This brings much to surface and much to sight. Many things around your world are beginning to change. The darkness can not physically sustain in this new planetary vibration. So what happens to the darkness? It becomes uprooted an in time fully dispensed. This is a physical transformation your planet is going through and the roots the darkness grew and being removed. Just like a fish can’t breathe out of water, those who are not in the vibration of Love, within New Earth, will not be able to physically survive. To live in new Earth you got to be climatized.

Your feelings here are the key. If you feel bad, you are not aligning with the source and if you are feeling good you are aligning with the source, and the state of being required for new Earth. Follow your good feelings for the guide you into alignment with the source expression. As light is flooding into the planet everything is accelerating where you will feel worse the more you are focused in the darkness, and you will feel much joy, love and bliss the more focused in the light.

This universe is formed through what we like to call the universal mirror. Some are calling it the Law of Attraction. This universe at the core of it’s creation matches the vibrational frequency of the core consciousness embodied. The first consciousness being that of source- pure infinite unconditional Love- the core expression of all within this universe and all that is beyond is Love. Yet your consciousness shifts according to your state of alignment with the core expression of the source.

Gaia the spirt of Earth is moving with her physical vessel into full alignment with the core expression of Love, where everybody who wishes to survive on Gaia must go with her- in this physical ascension and physical realignment with Love consciousness.

So how do you do it, now we come back to the simple inspired thought of how to feel better in this new planetary frequency that triggered this post and channeled writing.

There are many things to do but what I have found most profoundly game changing is play.

Wooooo. What did you say?


There is the everything else- high vibe diet, activities, choices and thoughts too, which make you feel better and play much easier. But we wish to just address the concept of play today. As play bridges us to joy. And joy is the frequency of the source. The sources feels good- so really if you are feeling low, if you are feel depressed do something to have fun, and make fun your propriety each day, just like when you were a child all you wanted to do is play. We mean it when we say, play lights the way. It bridges you back to joy, and because this universe is unconditionally reflecting your vibration back to you, the more you play, the more play will be in the manifestations that surround you. Then a time will come when your swimming in the vibration of joy through your playful approach to life.

Remember when you were a child? When really young?

All you wanted to do was play. And you would naturally stay in and orientate around this enjoyable state of being. If you fell over you would cry but then you would jump back up really very quickly and continue playing again. This is because you were so close to the entry point of the source, you remembered very clearly and naturally, yet often subconsciousness your core expression, your natural state of being that is joy that likes to play, where you walked in alignment with this core playful expressions so very naturally. This is the state of being you want to be in today. If you are feeling low, this is why we guide you to play.

What happened though? How did you loose this playful part of you? Well you never lost it, you just forgot about it. So many of you went to ‘school’ which conditioned you into so often boredom. You sat in lessons you didn’t want to be in, separating you from your intuitions natural path of ‘I want to Play today.’ You began to be compared to others, your creative expression judged and then so often silenced. It’s important your forgive. It’s lead you to where you are now.

The duality serves a purpose, in greater awakening you to love, reminding you of who you are, it’s important you learn once again to trust. The inner child trusts, so easily. You see, the source also trusts, trust the unconditional love of the divinity within. But what about the betrayal? How do I let go? You forgive and find trust that all is part of a larger plan. The lesson obtain in the duality to love, is what makes you so strong. The challenges, the serve a purpose, they make you more aware, more compassionate, more forgiving more humble- what ever it may be, who can hear within what is relevant to the. Within you is the key.

And this is our message for you today, give yourself permission to have fun and play, this will light for you the way, to the higher vibrational states, where your greatest potentiality does await.

We are E

Light for you to see, we wish you peace, play and harmony and we love you unconditionally.