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The day I met the Dragons

Can you spot the dragon? This picture is taken in Jonsom, Mustang, Nepal. My journey with the dragons began some month earlier however. Here is my story of the day I met the dragons.

When I was in the Himalayas I went through a big awakening to the dragons. My friend Lucas had always spoken of them to me, but they always seemed something of fantasy, a bit ‘far out’ even for me and had never really sparked an interest.

I was first introduced to them in Dharamshala, India, home of the Dalai Lama and many of the Tibetan monks.

I had found myself walking through the pine forest one day, I had come up the mountain to heal. I was feeling really low about life. Having been a big part as a co-founder of The Ufology World Congress the past couple of years I had to face some really dark energies, times and the depths of the corruption on the planet bridging all the way into out of space. Some days it would really get me down, where the will to live was as though it had been sucked out of me. I felt very alone with no one to speak to, where I wound find confidence and healing with the Holy Spirit.

I left Spain to the Himalayas at the end of 2018 to heal from everything I had been through, where I spent time in deep meditation uprooting the trauma that the congress was a catalyst for in many ways, yet was rooted much deeper stretching through out my life and life times that had gone before since the fall of Atlantis.

As I looked within journeying deep in meditation and really stepping up my spiritual practise it all began to come to surface.

The day I met the dragons I had given up on the work I had set out to do, not in a good state of mind or flow, where the mountain forests called me and so I swiftly began to pace up the mountain.

I am one for adventure. My years as a serious 800m Athlete as a youth has stayed with me and pulsed through my veins, where it pours into the physical activity I do, and the adrenaline rush and adventure I seek. The runners high raises the bar of what it means to feel good. Where I am forever seeking magic in all that I do. Anything less than the exhilaration of magic and adventure, to me is boring.

I walked through the forest stopping occasionally to meditate on the giant rocks that I had began forming a deep affinity with over the past weeks, where they activated much wisdom and memories from other life times from within me.

I then felt called off the foot path towards some giant rocks, wanting to discover something new, something exciting and something exhilarating. I am always seeking discovery beyond these world. The Matrix was so grey, in awakening it was like being catapulted into an ecstasy that I had been seeking all my life, yet had never been able to come close to grasping.

Life had been a drag, depression had lingered over me up until my awakening in 2013, my Kundalini rising and the angelic realms communication with me through my computer and digital devices in the early days had set the bar high as to the euphoric bliss of awakening that I am forever seeking deeper states of. Although through the technology my guides rarely communicate with me these days I have learnt to tap into those states and multidimensional communication and telepathically over the years. So when faced with challenges and darkness in the way that I had been with The Ufology World Congress it was an extreme state of polarity than what I had enjoyed dancing with for the first three years of my awakening.

Little did I know that this day I would meet something that took me to a whole other level of awareness within myself.

As I walked off the beaten path pushing foliage aside. I heard a deep purring voice that stopped me in tracks. “What have we here.” A wise and intrigued voice rumbled through the surrounding forest lands. I froze. And looked around. My heart began to quicken and my breathe began to deepen. As I scanned my surroundings. The forest was silent, other than the breeze in the trees and sonnets of the birds throughout the forest. Occasionally monkeys would run past or break a branch in the trees above that they were climbing on that would come crashing to the ground. But as far as anything I was used to the forest was still.

There was no one around. So I cautiously and slowly began to continue. Then I heard the breathing rumbling through the floor. As I turn a corner on the unmarked foot path I fell to one knee as I began to see where I was.

“Dragons,” I gasped as my higher self through my human remembered the oh so familiar energy. Yet this was my first encounter in this embodiment.

“Hello child of light.” One spoke.

I was in awe, speechless and also very cautious. I had never met a dragon before in this body and I did not to upset them, I knew that much. My awareness became so very heightened to every move, thought and word.

The dragons were massive, about 50 ft long curving through the trees, 10 ft tall. They invited me to sit down on a rock the size of a perfectly sculpted chair as though it was made for me, next to where they were resting. I sat there stared out through the pine trees into the horizon. It was a beautiful view where I could see for miles. I began to contemplate where I was, the journey here and the dragons.

‘I wonder if they like me?’ I thought to myself.

“We are smitten.” I heard they say. This helped me relax. I began to talk about everything that was weighing me down with the dragons, where we sat talking for hours sharing codes of light with one another. They were happy to see me they told me and they had not seen someone like me for thousands of years. For it meant it was finally time for them to awaken.

Their energy was so soothing, their wisdom so grand, it was like I was bathing in a divine crystalline light that shone far beyond the illusion of space and time, by simply being in their presence.

The dragons showed me something that changed my life that day and lifted the heavy burden I had been carrying. They showed me the New Earth in the horizon getting closer and closer to humanities collective realisation. Like a giant crystalline Kingdom of light that stretched on far into the horizon so long as my minds eye could see.

It was like a super power became activated within me that day. I had been getting caught up in seemingly unimportant things in comparison to what was coming. The vision of the crystalline Kingdoms in humanities future dissolved away the ego strains, fears and pains, it was like liberation that I had never experienced before befriending these divine creature. It was like I became unshakable in so many ways. What ever challenges came my way I felt ready to transcend them, my eyes set on one destination, that I knew so well yet had long forgotten; home- Future Earth- The Crystalline Kingdoms of Light.

I sat with the dragons until sunset, catching every last ray of the sun, before I had to leave not be stranded in the mountain at night unprepared- Little did I know I would return the next day only to discover the dragons Kingdom where I would chose to stay the night unprepared for the what was ahead, yet in a state of consciousness where I felt so safe and comforted to do so, as though I was truly home for the first time within my incarnation.

I flew down the mountain that evening, rapidly as the sun began to set. The dragons traveled with me. Their spirit could be seen echoing through the wind and trees, their wisdom became activated through the ancient rocks of their long forgotten Kingdom alight with the whisper of their reawakening wisdom. Their Kingdom I soon would discover lay under the mountain and carpeted pine forest floors, weaving and dancing we journeyed together all the way back to my apartment.

An adventure that had only just began.