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The Path to Ascension

The path of Ascension is the returning to Love. Realignment with the Love consciousness at our core.

To chose love, means to forgive, To chose love, means to be compassionate, To chose love, means to be kind,

To the self and to all others.

We are all one unified consciousness, in this together brother and sister.

When we are faced with duality in life. It is an opportunity to grow, and to realign with the love at our core with greater strength than ever before.

The pain, the darkness, the duality is there for our greater realignment, it is there to point us back towards ourselves. Towards who we really are at the very essence of our being- infinite unconditional Love.

The core path to love, is within our internal connection to the love consciousness at our core, which we enter through out heart centre.

People come and go, but the love within never dies. It only grows forever stronger.

Others are a reflection of your connection to the love within.

Each day we are faced with an abundance of choices. To chose love or to not. When we chose the path of love, not only do we ourselves move into greater alignment with the source at our core, but we hold the space for others to see the light of love. When this space is held, the light of Love heals all who will be healed.