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Welcome to Montserrat

Today I write to you from Montserrat.

This article has been waiting to come through since my arrival here almost a month ago. I have been doing much work here, and in Barcelona. Life has become very busy and very exciting which I am incredibly grateful for. I haven’t had much times to write though, or for videos. Organising my time around creating content, my clients and my spiritual practise is what is now before me. 

It’s taken me a month to really take time by myself in the mountain, things began moving very quickly when I got here with many synchronicities. The mountain elevates you to such a vibration, life shifts into a new gear very quickly. I’ve always had many people around this last month. Which is really lovely and enjoy a lot, but it reached a point where I began neglecting myself and my needs. So now and I feel for the rest of the month, my core focus is prioritising my self love once again and the connection to myself once again.

It’s a receptive lesson for me it seems, for many women also to my understanding. So often we nourish everybody else, forgetting about ourselves, which ultimately leads to us hurting ourselves. We are in a transition, in time as the feminine divine sweeps the earth, things will shift back into balance. I see, I feel and hear. 

I am glad to find this stillness and time to write now. I’ve been healing and busy creating many things, but writing is one my souls greatest expressions. 

When it comes to writing about Montserrat, there is so much to say, I feel I could write a whole book. And I will mention it in my book, for it has been such a profound learning ground and place of awakening for me in my life experience, I owe it to the mountain. I have an assignment here. One that the longer I spend upon these grounds, the deeper that assignment becomes.

It is an assignment that fills me up with the upmost joy, yet one that humbles me to my knees. It has been an incredibly emotional journey. Sometimes in this dimensional realm I wish everything was how it is in the 8th dimension. Instant manifestation, complete transparency, flowing telepathic communication. So you would be able see and understand everything I have been through, so you could feel and watch the journey just like a film. This dimension though, is physical and things take time to build and communicate. I guess thats part of the fun. And the creation process in this realm I do love a lot.

Montserrat a sacred temple, is where we begin. 

Great wisdom she bares, great wisdom she shares,

Guiding you to look within.

Many beings, do reside, in and upon her lands,

Each baring with it many different lessons,

Wisdom that is grand.

Today we chose to see the light, for the light of Montserrat is bright. Things have been, there has been great sin, but now, this mountain is ascending. The darkness will not be able to stand, the frequency of her, watch now and listen closely, things on Montserrat are about to turn.

Montserrat is an Ancient temple of the greatest Master to have walked on Gaias lands.  One that does remain in the 5th dimensional plane. Some may see, the wisdom here, for others it may go straight over their head, is what I have found. When I first ventured up the mountain just under two years okay, I was in complete oar of the golden treasure I had stumbled across. I had no idea Montserrat was here. I had felt the calling since coming to Barcelona, but I had no idea just how profoundly grand this place was. I had no idea places on Earth like this existed. It is unique. I guess what moved me the most when I first encountered Montserrat was the deep awakening to Lemuria and Christ consciousness in one blast, which I wasn’t expecting what so ever.

Since, each time I have visited the mountain I have only been taken deeper. In the recent month particularly where I really gave myself this time to just be with the mountain. Up until this past month, life just been really ‘busy’ I was always creating excuses as to put off spending time here. I have to do this first, I have to get here first etc etc. Yet in coming here it is like all anxiety about completing things and getting things done has dissolved away.

I leave this here today, and shall continue the story over the coming days. 

Wishing you many blessings to come your way,


Light for you to see