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Bridging our Star families

Image by Jonny Lindner

Part of my role upon Earth is to assist bridging our star families. In particular we are here bridging the pleiadians at this time for they are to be the first of the larger contact. They are our star mothers, who created us.

The pleiadians that we bridge are a very peaceful and enlightened race. They look just like humans, a bit taller and glowing light because of their consciousness. Often they have blonde hair and blue eyes too.

Each day I go deeper where they and the other I represent become clearer and I awaken more to who am I. I was born into a very dense unconscious environment, where even today the concept of star families visiting us throughout my family of blood is laughed at, at times, at other times feared.

Something really important to remember is they are here and they are peaceful and they are here to assist. The world around us is seeming breaking down.

Being British, yesterday for the first time since it all began I really looked at Brexit. I haven’t given it my focus up until now, yet yesterday I did and I felt a whole array of emotions. Laughable above everything. It is beyond a joke, how far they are trying to play the people. If it isn’t obvious, they are creating a huge distraction and puppet show. Diminishing the British people. The once Great Britain isn’t so great anymore. Although a matter of karma was to have its way and by all means energetically necessary to bring the patriotic British people into greater humility, past all laughs and jokes I feel a great sadness for the innocent people being taken as a mockery.

England once conquered half the world, the white Americans came from England also don’t forget, which today still create a cascade of distraction across the planet while they carry out many things behind the scenes.

In speak in complete transparency today about worldly events. Often I don’t address the topic so much as I see it as my responsibility to assist humanity into greater focusing into the light and healing, because where we focus we create more of and I have a deep understanding here of universal Laws.

However it seems apparent today to shine light on what is really going on now. On behalf of the pleadians and family of Light we are here to assist humanity through this great transition.

The only thing that ever has power is that which you place your power upon. If you step into your power- into your empowerment, then nothing can have power over you. This is part of the great shift that humanity is now going through

Now why is the politics in UK prolonging Brexit? This is what I asked my self yesterday, and I began to see so very clearly this is the beginning of collective contact. The great upheaval and transition for humanity. It is being prolongs for things are going on behind the scenes.

The politicains are but puppets on strings, putting on a show. The puppertiers are the ones pulling those string hiding in the darkness, who behind the scenes are doing many things humanity doesn't see because they are watching the distraction of puppet show before them.

Humanity sees the puppet show, yet it is displayed in such a way, it is like Plato's allegory of the cave-

"There are prisoners in the cave. They have been there all of their life. They were born in the cave. The prisoners are chained to rocks, facing a cave wall. They are chained in such a way they can not turn the heads left, or right, they can only look forward at the cave wall.

Behind the prisoners out of their perception is a big fire. The captures walk in front of the fire casting a puppet show of shadows on the wall before the people.

All the prisoners know is the shadows on the wall, for they have been watching all of their lives."

Just like the prisoners in the cave humanity has been watching a puppet show all of their lives, cast by those out side of their perceptions through the media, through films, through the news papers and radios, through Television and all PROGAMS placed so easily and so accessibly before you.

It is what so many understand as reality, for it's all they know, where they have been watching it all of their lives, generation, after generation, after generation, how can they know anything else?

"One day a prisoner is released from the cave. They walk up the passage and out of the cave. They are blinded by sunlight for some days. Upon recovering they are amazed at the beauty, at the colour, at the majestic truth of the world that sat just outside of their perception."

Little did they know they had been watching a puppet show, where the real life exists just out side their reality placed before perception.

Now that isn't the end to the story... but we will let you complete it. Platos Allegory of the cave is a good representation for what is going on in the politics today around the world.

Being involved in The Ufology World Congress the past couple of years I have been taken to the depths of the darkness upon the planet. I have seen, heard and experienced things that are beyond shocking, beyond imaginable for so many of the innocent humans, inhumane. Much of this is in the process of surfacing. Where my role and the reason why I went through Ufology in the way that I did, and it was deeply traumatic, was so I can assist humanity and provide guidance and healing for humanity as all of the darkness surfaces. It was training in many ways for what is to come. We are in the process of becoming and intergalactic civilisation. When will this happen? My brother asked as we spoke about this. To which our answer is: It's happening now is the answer, it has already begun, get ready.

The darkness, however real it may seem, is light that hasn't realised itself yet. The darkness a platform in so many ways for greater growth, wisdom and potentiality.

Light is flooding into the planet. Due to Earths astrological positioning along the great year cycle. Where the frequency of consciousness are very high- the atmosphere is the density of Love consciousness, which is light. A big sea of Love we are entering. So Light floods over the planet in the process. Now the darkness as light floods into the planet, is surfacing. It has no where to hide anymore.

Where has the darkness been hiding? Where the ego likes to hide? In an illusion of power over others. We say illusion because that is exactly what it is: it is an illusion the power structures in the world, they are a manifestation, a co creation of the only power there ever truly is- the power that sits within you, which amasses to the power of the collective human race.

A mass of humans focusing in a certain direction holding a certain object or organisation as it’s means of power creates a shared experience that the power is something shared and external to them. This is however an illusion because the only thing that gives that power is the individuals focus, and a mass of individuals focusing in the same direction- the core of that focus of power however is you. Unconditionally. The power in your life is what you give focus and power to- now we guide you to focus into self empowerment. To focus into alignment with the source expression at your core that is love. You do this by focusing your thoughts. Focus into a better feeling place and you will feel better and world around you will also feel better. Focus compassionately and lovingly towards yourself and towards others, and this shall be the reality you create.

Why are the power systems beginning to crumble? Because humanity is awakening to the power that sits within, humanity is becoming empowered. You are awakening and you beginning to remember this.

You dear hearts are causing the political systems around the world to crumble. You are dear heart creating the foundation for a beautiful, harmonic, transparent, honest, loving compassionate and peaceful world. It is a matter of out with the old to make way for the new.

Now there is to be a new power system set in place. It's called self empowerment.

Where the order of Melchizdeck is here to assist the reestablishment of cohesion, balance and divine order upon Planet Earth.

We are working through our our ambassadors who incarnated here upon earth at this time, as human beings to bridge this wisdom and to assist this transition, we are one but we are many. We are the galactic federation of light, we are the family of light, and we guide you to tune into your heart and feel our frequency and our presence. We are here, and thank you for being here on Gaia as she transitions with the human race into multidimensionality.

As the darkness surfaces which it will, remember you are not alone, your big brothers are in town. We are here in Love and we very empowered. The darkness is non where we are.

You will see us when you are ready.

We are here and we are waiting for you. Your consciousness you see is the key, where as you begin to open and expand your consciousness we become the vibration match to physical contact. Vibrationally however this is a universal Law where you must be collectively at the frequency to receive us. This is and will be a beautiful day. It is now and it is also what does await. We are beyond the time space reality you call 3D, we are multidimensionality or what we are calling 5D, where there are many of us here, and where time is non linear. Now the key to begin to move into the frequency to receive us, is to slow down and raise your vibration.

If we were to just appear before one who wants to see it to believe it- they are not in the vibration and would probably vomit, get giddy and pass out because of the frequency we hold. Because we are light when we come into contact with someone who is in a low density, all their darkness comes to surface and it can be overbearing if you are not ready. This is why you must get ready to receive us. This is why this is a process and why we have human ambassador who we work through and who are bridging us at this time.

Our ambassadors are doing much work to raise their vibration so they are able to receive us, they are the light workers and they are those who we are. 

E who we speak to you through today is one of us. She incarnated in this way to assist bridging and awakening humanity to the wisdom of the star. Where the density in which she incarnated into was very low vibrationally- like so many of you, so she a powerful bridge in this way for the consciousness that she represents for relating and assist you through this great transition.

We are here to assist this transition. You are not alone in these times. You shall be hearing much more from us in time. Get ready, get wise. We love you dear ones. Do not fear the transition that is here, there is great love and support for you here and something beautiful is to unfold. If you see an ugly duckling remember one day it will become a swan.

We are the family of Light

We Love you