Healing with Light


E is a Healer and Light language Channel.


We offer DNA Light Body Activation sessions through the process of healing with Light. We work with the Light Language to activate the crystalline frequency within your DNA.

Each session is different as everybody has their own journey. As a channel E provides guidance from your guides and hers, in response to your asking and seeking.


Where as some may like a session full of light language DNA light body activation codes, others they maybe seeking relationship advice, or assistance in certain areas of life. 

As multidimensional consciousness in voice of the source, there really is no end to the guidance we can provide. 

To book a session please email E- info@lovelightcreation.com

Wishing you Many Blessings


Bridgit Jaansoo Life Coach

"E. light is amaizing! I had a DNA activation done by E. LIGHT, A whole new experience that sifted me to a higher consciousness. My intention fro the beginning was to be more connected to my voice, and experince flow when I express myself vocally. I felt there was a block holding me back. After the sessions, I felt like a different person, I felt that the heaviness I was carrying around which was brining me down, was gone. As I walked outside the world seemed different.


The next day I had a new sense of confidence, my self worth had increased and the block was gone. I am able to express my truth with ease, confidence and in flow. I became more grounded and my energy sifted magnificently.
I was no longer becoming the best version of me, but I was being. I became into ownership of who I am and was born to be. E. Light is kind, understanding, friendly person. She makes your experience very welcoming and enjoyable. I find it very peaceful, but also exciting. Everything she shared with me was on point!"

Ann Belen Healer

"Thanks E, thank you for reminding us that we are powerful. In the 3 months that I have had the opportunity to attend various meetings with E, in which in addition to receiving DNA activations, I have received really valuable teachings. The language of light is a powerful tool to raise your vibrational state, in this new state you have the ability and power to heal and heal around you, you have the ability to take our experience in this life as a game and play is fun.
In this state you learn to get away from suffering and see the experiences from another prism, not to take your life, so seriously. Know the power of singing, of that healing song that comes from the heart, which is so powerful. With the language of light, we awaken, attend and pamper that inner child, increase your creativity, connecting with your self, with your essence, instantaneous and direct connection. Thanks E, therefore, wishing to share new experiences that lead us to the deepest and most pure connection with what we really are. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!"


"Ellie, a beautiful being of light who has helped me figure out my creative aspects in such a powerful way. Ellie brought me to so many conclusion, helped shed light on my strengths and really helped open my eyes to my abilities. I really enjoyed our session, and highly recommend seeing her. She is a wonderful person, one who has really helped me figure out my next move. I am now going to accomplish what I came to this planet to do, thanks to the help of Ellie."

Mercedes Starseed