All my Life I have studied Art and Design. It is my passion and souls expression. My final studies was in Graphic Design and Photography, where I graduated University from Kingston Art School with a BA in Graphic Design and Photography in 2016.

I use my creative experience and spiritual gifts to create projects that aid the greater expansion of consciousness, humanity and the planet. Below are some of the live projects, I have worked with. I have done all the Graphics, websites and Logos for each project.

I offer Creative Consultancy Services and Design for Projects that resonate with me. Here we can assist a project where ever it is along it's journey, with Design, Marketing, or creative advise. Please book a free 15 minute consultancy call with me or message me at


Ariba is a line of sportswear whos core intention is to assist the expansion of consciousness and DNA activation through innovative designs, whilst encouraging engagement with sports... READ MORE.


Cosmic Boom is one of my latest projects. The intention is to create a movement of empowering and consciousness expanding events for the younger generations... LEARN MORE

Concerts for the soul

Coming Soon: