The Great Guardians

E is an ambassador for The Great Guardians, also known as the family of Light. This is amongst the energy we channel where as a unified conscious we speak on behalf of the source.

The Guardians are a multi-dimensional council of divine light. They are the same Great Guardians that were associated with the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddess. They were not exclusive to Ancient Egypt, neither are they Gods or Goddess, rather Ancient Giant Great Guardians of Gaia and humanity. 

They return to humanities consciousness with The Golden Age due to the vibrational density of the atmosphere of the Earths positioning within this part of the universe along the Great Year cycle.


Kryon:"Where humanity due to Earth astrological positioning is now moving into 5th dimensional consciousness. 5th dimensional consciousness, is multidimensional awareness, rather than just being focused in one dimensional space, in moving into 5D, the door to multi-dimensional consciousness is opened and one can explore infinite dimensional planes. Dimensions themselves become non Linear, where even labeling them like the linear human being likes to do eg- 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 etc... just does't even come close to defining what dimensions are, for they are multidimensional in nature and can not be understood by putting them in a numbered box."


E: As part of my mission when I first began conscious contact with these beings through a series of initially downloads, then visually where they began appearing to me in meditation and dreams. I was asked to draw them, so you will often see them in the art work and Graphic Design that we share. We have also established The School of Creation in dedication to the wisdom teachings.

Greetings from The Guardians

"We welcome you dear Child of Light and Thank you for being here on Gaia."


We are here to assist the Earth- Gaia and the human beings in their ascension into 5th dimensional consciousness. 5D is the Frequency of Love, Peace and Harmony. All is flowing synchronicity, Earth is balanced with great abundance and prosperity, for all. In 5D all is now. So humanities inhabitance in 5th dimensional Earth is already here, it has already begun- we call this New Earth, where cities of light are awaiting in certain locations around the Earth. Unlike 3D however, 5D is multidimensional, where one is not just in 5D, they have access to the many dimensions that also lay beyon.


What is before the human race is the physical integration into the vibrational state of being that comes with 5th dimensional consciousness. Where to move into new Earth all one has to do is move into the consistent vibration of Love, where in this process the 5th Light body becomes the embodied physicality.


We can do this in many ways. Essentially the key is play and enjoy each moment of each day, making moving into a higher vibrational state much easier. To be in the consistent frequency of Love, you must be kind to one another and the self, have compassion for one another and the self, and forgive all that is, and all that has been. Its times to let go, a new paradigm is here.


Humanity is moving unity consciousness. The awareness that all is the self. This is such a fundamental part of the shift into 5D, where one essentially remembers all is one, and all amasses to one unified consciousness. Separation is an illusion of the ego, and as one begins to integrate 5th dimensional awareness this illusion of separation falls away and you begin to see the self in all.


In 5th dimensional consciousness, there is no disease. Disease essentially is an illusion also. It is the physical manifestation of separation for the only true and the core expression of the self, which is infinite unconditional  Love. Only love is real and this becomes clear as one ascend into 5D, where you begin to see, the darkness, is Love, that hasn't realised itself yet. A very powerful illusion, of the mind, pinching itself off from its only true expression of the self- infinite unconditionalLove. 

This is what the master of Love understood- the who obtained the consciousness of Christ. That is ow he was able to heal in the way that he did, because he could see so strongly, that all was love, and he embodied the frequency of Christ consciousness - Love consciousness, so strongly, because he was a master, that he healed those he touched and those who entered his awareness.

Christ is the consciousness that is Love consciousness, that is the consciousness of 5th dimensional awareness. Planet Earth is in the return of Christ consciousness- Love consciousness, where the whole entire planet is becoming flooded in this frequency, due to the astrological position of the Earth along the great year cycle. With this 5th dimensional awareness submerging the planet, awareness of the guardians also returns, for we are multidimensional beings at nature, and one must be in multi dimensional awareness to perceive us.

We Love you dear child of Light, and thank you once again for being here, upon Gaian in transformational times. We are here.




Message from The Guardians

The Great Guardians of Gaia, parents of humanity, bring healing frequencies of light to awaken and activate 5th dimensional consciousness within. .

We thank you dear family of light for being here on Gaia assisting her ascension. We love unconditionally, you are like children to us you see.

We first passed the wisdom unto you 57,000 years ago in the times Lemuria. We were the giants who walked the planet, the great guardians, the ancient builders some of you call us today. Overtime the human being began to misuse the wisdom, where 14,000 years ago in times of Atlantis your consciousness fell as a result, where you fell from 5D, in to 3D. We are sorry for what has been, yet all has been done according to the larger plan at work. Where this larger plan, this great experiment is now coming into computation. What is now before your human race is the great ascension. The return to 5th dimensional consciousness. We are now reemerging within your collective consciousness due to the planetary consciousness being high enough to conceive who and what we are. .

We are the light of the world and we here to assist and light the way home. We love and we thank you once again. Aho.