The Guardians of Gaia

Transmission given through E.


The Guardians of Gaia are a council of Light that stretch from the 5th-9th dimension. As there are different dimensional expressions of The Guardians of Gaia, the wisdom they share and the different formations they take on are varied. 


I first began awakening to The Guardians of Gaia at the end of 2016 following an ayahuasca ceremony I participated in, where following the ceremony for about a month I would randomly channel the words: "The Guardians of Gaia have returned." I did not know what this meant at the time, however it created excitement in me, so I accepted at soul level it was important to me and in time I would greater understand.


It wasn't until six months later that awareness of The Guardians of Gaia began to re-enter my consciousness where I began receiving downloads and channeling of these beings. The information I received in downloads was these beings are the same group of beings depicted as The Ancient Egyptian Gods. However they are not Gods, rather high-density beings of light and love. 


I then began receiving vision and contact with The Guardians. The first time this happened I was in meditation, where I was shown two beings, who looked in the best way I can describe them- Like a God and Goddess. They were really big, sitting upon thrones, with blue and white headdresses like that of The Ancient Egyptian Pharos. They were formed in glowing light and radiating with pure love


Following this I received a series of dreams where I met divine beings of light, with beautiful animal faces. I remember in the first encounter asking are you Gods? They smiled and replied in telepathy- "You know who we are, we are The Guardians." The dream was of light and the beings were formed by light, radiating divine unconditional love, acceptance, peace and harmony, with a soft gentle, but grand energy.


"Draw us." They said. An assignment that was given to me and one that has evolved ever since. They have told me I have counter-part amoungst The Guardians on the 8th dimension and I am here as eyes for them and to assist in sharing the wisdom. We work in communication where they guide and advise me and they speak amoungst the beings who I channel.








The light language is key form of communication with The Guardians, as it assist in attuning humanity to the frequency to be in receptivity to their wisdom. Language itself ascends with the dimensions, where within and past the 5th dimension, telepathy becomes the language of communication- which light language essentially evolves into. As all that is- both physical and nonphysical is light language, only the frequency varies, where telepathy is communication of a high vibrational frequency.


The higher-density Guardians from the 6th dimension above (7th, 8th and 9th dimensions) do not have a set form.


They are non-denomination at nature so can appear in many different ways. However as a means to be understood by humanity, they choose, different formations defined by the frequency of consciousness their clusters represent. It is these forms that are shown to me in visions to depict in art work.


In the 9th dimension shown to me are beautiful Lion beings of Lyra. These to my understanding are amoung the oldest intelligent being clusters within the universe and they have ascended through dimensions. They are beautiful divine beings of Light, who are very wise and greatly respected throughout the universe. They are of white Golden light.


In the 8th dimension there are a mixture of beings shown to me. These are the beings who came to me in my dreams and showed me many different animal faces, as well as a Goddess with a human-like appearance. I see them all with white faces with white silvery blue light radiating from them. 


In the 7th dimension, there are more animal-like beings, their appearance is slightly more defined though that the higher dimensions. There are also human like beings who I understand to be ascended pleadians. In the 7th dimension, there is a masculine white wizard guide I am particularly connected with, who is one of my counter parts who to my understanding is me in a past life.



There are Acturian representatives within The Guardians of Gaia in the 6th dimension, who are very peaceful beings of light and love. The Acturians are a very beautiful and friendly species, with much wisdom to share. They are a key source for many of the light language channels awakening. Although at this time I have not been asked to depict them in art, maybe I will in time. They take the formation of blue beings, and have much light radiating from their beings, and associate with frequencies of Golden and yellow colors with much white light also within their wisdom. These are the only beings at present I have recollections of extraterrestrial contact with, where I have been upon their ships, which are formed through light. They (and all the other Guardians of Gaia) have ascended so they don't need or use physical objects, all they need is within them, where they work purely with consciousness and light. 


In the 5th dimension there are representatives of The Guardians of Gaia also. Each dimension however brings different roles and responsibilities. In the 5th dimension, there are some pleadian representatives. The only individual I have been made aware of at this time is Commander Ashtar, who I have been informed is the lowest ranking connection to The Guardians of Gaia, where he sits in the council. He is greatly appreciated by The Guardians and acts in assistance in the 5th dimension.


Something to be conscious of as we awaken to the higher density beings is they are not Gods or Goddess, although divine in nature they may appear to much of humanity form our 3rd/ 4th and 5th-dimensional states of being. As there is truly only one source, that all these beings, and everything included myself and you are an extension of and which throughout our life mission and what we create- are serving. The Guardians are also all serving this core source of all creation.