Vibration, Frequency & The Law of Attraction

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Something I work with great awareness of with my students and is rooted throughout the information, philosophy and teachings that I share, is the vibrational nature of reality.


Not only does it greater aid us when working with The Law of Attraction, but also assists us in gaining clearer understanding as to the laws that conduct and form this universe. 


Everything within the universe is vibration.


Vibration quite simply is the movement of energy.


Frequency is how quickly that energy moves.





















Types of vibrationSound Vibration, motion vibration, light vibration- and one that isn't spoken about so much in the mainstream, but one that is at the core of our manifested human experience- thought vibration. (Yes our thoughts do leave our skull).



















Thought Vibration: is key to acknowledge when working with The Law of Attraction, as it is our thoughts that ultimately determine the reality that surrounds us. 


As everything within the universe is vibrational in nature- you have a vibration. The Law of Attraction matches your vibration with manifestations of that same vibrational frequency.


Your vibration is determined by many different components, such as your behavior, routines, and pattern, but fundamentally it is rooted in the focus of your thoughts. This is because you have thoughts about everything that you do, and it is your thoughts about what you do, that ultimately determine your vibration or more specifically your vibrational point of attraction.


For example, you can have good thoughts about what you are doing, therefore feel good and your vibration would be high. Or you can have bad thoughts about you are doing, and feel bad, which would mean your vibration would be low. 


When you feel good your vibration is high. 


When you feel bad your vibration is Low.


As The Law of Attraction matches your vibrational frequency with manifestations of that same vibrational frequency:


When you are of a high vibration (when you feel good)- you attract manifestations of a high vibrational frequency (that also feel good).


When you are of a low vibration (when you feel bad)- You attract manifestations of a low vibrational frequency (that also feel bad)


Your Feelings are your built-in guidance system.


The human body is pure genius- intelligent design. Your feelings are a built-in vibrational indicator relaying to you your vibrational frequency. Therefore what you are attracting.


Good thoughts have a high vibration and cause you to feel good.


Bad thoughts have a low vibration and cause you to feel bad. 


Below is a diagram to assist you in greater understanding this. 























The Law of Attraction is a universal that is working 24/7, you can not turn it off.  Yet so many of us are raised in a society where it is not taught about. So how do we go about working with this universal Law in a way that really benefits us?


To really play with the unbound creative potential of this universal Law of Attraction in this philosophy presented, one must become conscious of the thoughts they think, and focus predominantly into a higher vibration frequency. Meditation is a fantastical tool for aiding awareness here. I also offer private one on one consultancy sessions where I assist my clients in greater understanding The Law of Attraction in relation to them, and then implementing into their lives a path that walks in Mastery of this universal Law.