light language

Light language is an multi-dimesnional form of communication, that brings us out of the head and into the heart. 

It elevates humanity to a higher vibration, where it's re-emergence within humanities awareness is reflective, of our planetary consciousness and where humanity is along the 25,800 Year Cycle Known as The Great Year or Platonic Year.

The Light Language through E is of a crystalline frequency which activates and bridges the crystalline consciousness that lays dormant within the human DNA.

Light language in denominational at nature, where the healing benefits of Light language are unbound. It is the technology of consciousness, where in time as humanities evolves and awakenings to the language of light we will be able to apply it in many different ways, not just for healing but also to create advanced technology such as porthole technology.

E channels light language by hand and vocally to assist the healing, awaken, and realignment process with source for all those who feel called to work with us. 

For more information and to work with E one on one and experience the light language for yourself check out the services, resources, tools and technology that we offer at The School of Creation.